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TAFE NSW, in conjunction with the Small Business Commission, is offering this Micro Skills course to help small businesses in NSW better understand the NSW Government tendering process.

With billions being committed to infrastructure projects over the next few years, now is the time for your business to understand this process. As Australia’s largest education and training provider, TAFE NSW has a long and proud history of providing expert training with industry experienced teachers that help students stay ahead of the curve, and our Micro Skills will help your business quickly, teaching you what you need to know to work with the NSW Government.

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Selling to NSW Government Micro Skills Sessions

Getting Business Ready

This session is designed to provide small businesses with basic information on preparing a business to sell to the government.

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Finding Opportunities

This session will cover how you can find opportunities to sell goods or services to the NSW Government.

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Selling to Government

This session will cover what you will need to prepare and plan when developing a detailed written proposal, quote or bid to the NSW Government.

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Successful Supplying

This session assumes you have just received an email saying the NSW Government buyer would like to buy a substantial amount of your business's product or service.

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