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NBN Funding Sources

TAFE NSW will provide access to, or assistance with the preparation and/or submission for any identified funding opportunities that may arise. Funding sources that TAFE NSW has access to that may be appropriate for this project include but are not limited to:

Smart & Skilled Entitlement Funding – Smart and Skilled is a reform of the NSW Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. TAFE NSW has a contract with State Training Services for government subsidised training in qualifications on the NSW Skills List including the Certificate II and Certificate III in Telecommunications. We also have access to Smart and Skilled funding for higher level courses (CIV and above) in targeted priority areas.

Smart & Skilled Targeted Priorities – Pre Vocational and Part Qualifications (including Skill Sets) – Funding is available to help people develop the skills they need to get a job, undertake entry-level qualifications or transition to a new job. The expected outcomes of this training are that individuals enrol in full qualifications or gain employment.

TAFE NSW Allocated Smart & Skilled Targeted Priorities – Pre Vocational and Part Qualifications (including Skill sets) – Additional government funding for TAFE NSW institutes for pre vocational and part qualifications training that provides real employment outcomes for jobseekers. Funding can also be used to retrain and upskill workers and assist industries with skill shortages.

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