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Here you can find resources, support and a selection of some of the many training options available that may be of particular interest to neurodivergent individuals. This resource has been developed to enhance our support of the growing student population with autism and neurodiversity.

TAFE NSW Featured Neurodiversity Courses

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Our Network

The Neurodiversity Hub

TAFE NSW is a member of The Neurodiversity Hub, an international community of students, training organisations and employers. The Neurodiversity Hub aims to assist neurodivergent individuals in their transition to tertiary education, providing assistance to increase their chances of securing a job and commencing a career.

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The Genius Armoury

Born from the observation of an apparent overlap between the traits of people with autism and the traits of highly effective cybersecurity analysts, The Genius Armoury was designed to attract and identify a cybersecurity talent pool within the neurodiverse community. People with autism with minimal or no prior cybersecurity knowledge will be introduced to a cybersecurity syllabus that is accessible and understandable. It is geared towards people who may be interested in further learning or commencing a career in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. The course provides a foundation syllabus that is intended to spark interest in a cybersecurity career, with further learning options with TAFE NSW. Read more >

This is what students have said:

“Really interesting… And the overall learning experience would be great for anyone to get up to speed with the basics.”

“…I really feel like I've learnt a lot... was a lot of content but it was presented in a manageable way that I could understand. Thanks for putting together a great course!”

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Neurodiversity - Journey

TAFE NSW provides a wide range of disability services to help students on their learning journey.

Still have questions? For further enquiries, please contact our TAFE NSW Neurodiversity support team.