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Choose what's right for you

Build a training program that completely suits your needs. Just select from the units on offer in either Financial Skills or Digital Literacy Skills, or choose the complete Certificate IV in New Small Business. The choice is yours.

Check your eligibility - or call 1300 601 727 to speak with a small business consultant.

Choose one, multiple or all online units in Financial Literacy.

Skill Plan finances
Unit code BSBSMB402
Unit name Plan small business finance

Gain financial knowledge needed to run your business including identifying profit targets, cash flow projections, production costs, margins, pricing strategies and more.

Skill Budget
Unit code FNSACC412
Unit name Prepare operational budgets

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to prepare and document operational budgets for a variety of organisations.

Skill Taxation
Unit code FNSACC411
Unit name Process business tax requirements

Learn to keep business tax accounting records, process lodgments and returns to ATO requirements, excluding income tax. BAS statements must be authorised by a registered agent.

Skill Monitoring finances
Unit code FNSACC311
Unit name Process financial transactions and extract interim reports

Gain the skills and knowledge to process routine financial documents and financial transactions, prepare and reconcile financial receipts, and extract interim reports.

Skill Small business risk management
Unit code BSBSMB401
Unit name Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business

Learn about regulations, legal structures, legislation and compliance, as well as how to negotiate contracts and identify and mitigate risks that affect your business.

Skill Accounting software
Unit code FNSACC416
Unit name Set up and operate a computerised accounting system*

Learn how to modify, operate and ensure the integrity of an integrated computerised accounting system that processes transactions and produces reports.

Skill Legal decisions
Unit code FNSACC413
Unit name Make decisions in a legal context

Get the knowledge to make decisions to compliance issues, in a legal context. Covering Australian legal systems and processes, this can be an introduction to commercial law.

Skill Financial reporting
Unit code FNSACC414
Unit name Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities

Learn to compile financial reports for entities with no statutory duty to file with government agencies and regulators, such as sole traders, partnerships and not-for-profits.

(*) Industry-relevant software packages such as MYOB / Reckon

Choose one, multiple or all online units in Digital Literacy.

Skill Using technology
Unit code BSBWOR204
Unit name Use business technology
Gain the skills to operate your business equipment, including computer software. Specifically you will:
  • Select and use technology
  • Process/organise data
  • Maintain technology
Skill Microsoft Word
Unit code BSBITU201
Unit name Produce simple word processing documents
Operate word processing applications and produce workplace documents. Specifically, you will:
  • Produce word processed documents
  • Edit word processed documents
  • Finalise documents
Skill Microsoft Excel
Unit code BSBITU202
Unit name Create and use spreadsheets
Create spreadsheets and charts using spreadsheet software. Specifically, you will:
  • Create simple spreadsheets
  • Produce simple charts
  • Finalise spreadsheets
Skill Calendar and contact management
Unit code ICTICT107
Unit name Use personal productivity tools

Learn to use personal productivity tools like calendars and contact lists to engage with your customers, schedule events, appointments and tasks necessary to run your business.

Skill Using digital devices
Unit code ICTICT104
Unit name Use digital devices

Learn how to use digital devices safely to store and retrieve data, play multimedia files, edit files, print documents and backup important data.

Skill Professional conduct and confidential information management
Unit code ICTICT418
Unit name Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment

Create, maintain and formalise a Code of Ethics to use to ensure your business remains on the right side of copyright and privacy legislation.

Skill Using social media
Unit code ICTWEB201
Unit name Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement

Learn how to compare different types of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and select and use those appropriate to promote your business.

Skill Using social media
Unit code SIRXMKT002
Unit name Use Social media to engage customers*

Learn to use social media platforms to interact with customers and promote products and services.

Skill Website building
Unit code SITXEBS003
Unit name Build and launch a small business website*

Learn the technical skills needed to build a basic business website including hosting, web development, plan the site structure and site construction and maintenance.

Skill Creating an e-business roadmap
Unit code BSBSMB413
Unit name Design a digital action plan for small business

Develop a plan for using digital technologies to achieve goals including a review of digital readiness, opportunities and developing digital initiatives for small business.

Skill Small office set up
Unit code ICTSAS307
Unit name Install, configure and secure a small office or home office network

Learn how to gather requirements to design, install, configure and test a small secure network that is able to meet the needs of your small business.

Skill Cybersecurity
Unit code VU21990
Unit name Recognise the need for cyber security in an organization

Gain introductory skills to combat cyber threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Learn how to protect against common cyber security attack mechanisms that threaten your business.

Skill Cybersecurity
Unit code VU21989
Unit name Test concepts and procedures for cyber security

Learn crucial skills that allow you to test cyber threats, risks and vulnerabilities that can threaten your business.

Skill Website improvement or maintenance
Unit code BSBEBU401
Unit name Review and maintain a website

Learn how to do basic updates of your website, monitor feedback, complete a data analysis, carry out non-technical maintenance and review cost implications of proposed changes.

(*) Units not available until July 2018

This qualification is suitable for those establishing a small business. It helps build skills to solve a range of business challenges, as well as develop the ability to analyse and evaluate information and data to grow your business.

Unit code BSBCUS401
Unit name Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
Unit code BSBSMB404
Unit name Undertake small business planning
Unit code BSBSMB403
Unit name Market the small business
Unit code BSBRES401
Unit name Analyse and present research information
Unit code BSBSUS401
Unit name Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
Unit code BSBSMB401
Unit name Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business
Unit code BSBWHS401
Unit name Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
Unit code BSBSMB402
Unit name Plan small business finances
Unit code BSBEBU401
Unit name Review and maintain a website
Unit code BSBSMB407
Unit name Manage a small team


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