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Vivid Sydney is one of the largest celebrations of creativity and innovation on the planet, and this year TAFE NSW students from various disciplines have joined forces to create three groundbreaking installations: Photonic State, Light Houses and Hidden Art - Augmented Garden. Follow their journey here.

'Leading Lights': Episode 1

Last year’s event attracted over two million people, and 2018 is set to be even bigger. Episode 1 of ‘Leading Lights’ introduces you to TAFE NSW students from 12 different courses as they create stunning installations that showcase their talents.

Photonic State - NSW Government House

A celebration of Australia's art and cultural iconography, Photonic State combines sound, art, music, light, animation and Aboriginal perspectives in a spectacle that will transform NSW Government House into a celebration of light and sound.

Light Houses - Royal Botanic Garden

Light Houses will be displayed in the Royal Botanic Garden during Vivid Sydney 2018 and will incorporate Aboriginal perspectives, as well as aspects of art, design, music, digital and live production disciplines working seamlessly together.


Watch this space for updates and to follow our students' journey