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Design Centre Hunter, Arts, Media and Entertainment

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Design Centre Hunter is the realisation of an opportunity for Hunter TAFE to create a collaborative, connected hub that inspires and supports students, teachers and industry in design related disciplines to work together in new and innovative ways.
Teachers from a broad range of career areas work as a design group, creating an innovative approach to the design field, building industry connections and career paths for students, actively promoting the excellence of Hunter TAFE teachers, students and alumni.
Courses offered through Design Centre Hunter include Building Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Digital Media, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Floristry, Industrial Design, Kitchen Design, Furniture Design, Landscape Design, Performing Arts, Signage, Hairdressing and Beauty.
Design Centre Hunter will have a physical presence across the Hunter and Central Coast regions through our TAFE Campuses and in community and industry spaces.
Permanent and temporary exhibitions, popup displays and events will showcase the Design Centre's innovations, projects and student works.