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Yallah Centre of Sustainability, Primary Industries and Animal Science

Yallah Campus

Yallah Campus is TAFE Illawarra's Centre of Excellence in sustainability, horticultural trades, land and conservation management, agriculture and animal science. When you undertake any of these studies you have a range of exciting facilities to fuel your learning. 

The campus features the Transformational Technical Training Building – a living, breathing building which was developed in partnership with the University of Wollongong's Sustainable Buildings Research Centre to keep industry skilled in sustainable technologies and updated on research in practice. The building features a Vertical Ground Source Heat Pump System – built 98 metres underground, a Building Management System (that uses a building information modelling tool built for net-zero water and energy performance), an observation Plant Room for technical training in sustainable technology and is surrounded by the Yallah Woodland – a recognised ecological community. It's the best technology set in beautiful surroundings to help you start your career.