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Industry Engagement

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As the largest vocational and skills training provider, TAFE NSW knows working with industry is critical to our business success.

To ensure industry maximises its return on staff training, TAFE NSW has established sector based Industry Liaison Units (ILUs) responsible for connecting with industry, so that our trainers and assessors deliver the most up to date training that is relevant to current trends and to improve your organisation's skills and productivity.

The ILUs work closely with each sector's industry leaders, peak bodies, associations and State and National regulators; they are monitoring changes to legislation to be up to date on the new and emerging skills areas, so that TAFE NSW can give your organisation the latest in training and education to meet your business needs.

The ILUs are staffed by a network of specialists from each vocational stream and operate across NSW and nationally, so that your organisation can access the latest information on your industries skills development.

Current industry engagement projects include:

Seniors Living Co-Location Trial Project. Contact Paul Andersen on 02 9212 8767 or email

How the ILU can assist your organisation:

  • Connecting you to our state-wide network for industry specific training and industry wide training partnership
  • Specific industry training package development and reviews
  • Connecting your organisation to industry forums and key industry skills advice

To speak with the Industry Liaison manager for your area, please refer to the table below.


RegionSkills Service Organisation Industry Liaison Position Contact Details


ElectroComms and Energy Utilities
Electricity generation; Electricity Supply; Electrotechnology; Gas Supply.


Paul Lowe

P: 02 4923 7610
M: 0455 091 980


Aeroskills; Chemical, Hydrocarbon and Oil Refining; Furnishing; Laboratory Operations; Manufactured Mineral Products; Manufacturing; Metal and Engineering; Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking; Sustainability; Textiles, Clothing and Footwear.


Daniel Severino

Phone:  4222 2960
Mobile:  0418 631 852

New England

Transport and Logistics
Transport and Logistics; Maritime; Aviation; Rail.


Eleze Drew

P: 02 6768 2429

North Coast

Community Services and Health
Community Services (including Aged Care, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Community Development and Humanitarian Work, Disability Services, Early Childhood, Family Relationships, Social Housing, Youth Work, Volunteering);

Health (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Allied Health, Dental, Enrolled Nursing, First Aid, Health Services Assistance, Massage, Medical Practice Assisting, Mental, Optical, Pathology, Population Health, Sterilisation).


Maya Spannari

P: 02 6586 2398
M: 0427 142 911

Northern Sydney

Service Skills
Beauty; Sport, Fitness and Recreation; Floristry; Funeral Services; Hairdressing; Retail (including Wholesale and Community Pharmacy); Tourism, Travel and Hospitality.


Cathy Bahari

P: 02 9942 0239
M: 0412 140 609


Automotive + ForestWorks
Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair; Automotive Manufacturing.


Peter Gostelow

P: 02 6058 2714
M: 0419 388 423


Construction and Property Services
Construction (including Plumbing, Carpentry, Joinery, Bricklaying, Plastering, Scaffolding, Roof tiling, Painting and Decorating, Wall and Floor Tiling, Roof Plumbing, Gas Fitting, Demolition; Building Surveying).

Property Services (including Security, Cleaning, Surveying and Spatial Information, Waste Management, Swimming Pool and Spa Service, Pest Management, Energy Assessment).


Sue Gibbens

P: 02 8713 6561


Innovation and Business Skills Australia (Business, Finance and Culture and Creative Industries, Printing and Graphic Arts)
Business Services; Entertainment; Financial Services; Live Performance; Music; Printing and Graphic Arts; Screen and Media; Visual Arts, Crafts and Design.


Philippa Esdaile

P: 02 9217 4617


Agrifoods + Skills DMC (Resources and Infrastructure)
Agri-food; Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation; Animal Care and Management; Australian Meat Industry; Food Processing; Racing and Seafood.

Resources and Infrastructure (Coal Mining, Metalliferous Mining, Civil Infrastructure, Quarrying, Drilling).


John Mills

P: 02 6393 5928
M: 0409 223 724

Western Sydney

Innovation and Business Skills Australia & Government Skills Australia
Information and Communications Technology; Integrated Telecommunications; Libraries, Information and Cultural Services, Training and Education.

Local Government; Water; Public Sector; Public Safety.

+ Qualifications for Translators and Interpreters.


Jannette Redmond

P: 02 9715 8037

Innovation and Business Skills Australia
Foundation Skills including vocational access, Foundation Skills Training Package; Access Employment Education and Training (AEET) Framework

Research and Support Officer

Louis Maule

P: 02 9208 1833
M: 0433 621 087