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Working with Roads and Maritime Services, students studying at Illawarra Institute are assessed by examiners to inspect vehicles and ensure a minimum safety standard. If you want to attain this qualification, TAFE NSW is the sole provider who delivers the training on behalf of RMS.

Under the AIS there are four types of vehicle inspection stations. To become an authorised RMS inspector you need to gain an inspection authority for each type: 

  • ASCIS – Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (light vehicles)
  • AUVIS – Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (unregistered light vehicles)
  • HVAIS – Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Station (heavy vehicles)
  • AGIS – Authorised Gas Inspection Station (gas vehicles)

Upon submission of the required Approval for Training letter from the RMS and successful completion of the course with TAFE NSW, you will be issued authorisation to conduct inspections by the RMS.

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