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Brodie Oakes

Brodie receiving his award

Brodie is an apprentice mechanical fitter who is studying engineering at TAFE SWSi while completing his apprenticeship in Certificate III Mechanical Trade Engineering.

Brodie's passion for mechanical engineering grew from a part time job in a lawnmower shop, and he started his apprenticeship once he finished Year 12. 

The mentoring and coaching he received from TAFE NSW teachers and on the job has been instrumental to his success.

As a third year apprentice, Brodie designed, installed and fabricated a specialised resin filter box and came up with a solution in the manufacturing process that saved his employer Quenos Limited $60,000. Brodie's can-do attitude won an Environmental Award for his innovative solution. Brodie won the Apprentice of the Year.

Award at the 2015 NSW Training Awards. He will be participating in the National Training Awards in Hobart on 19 November.

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