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Eh Ler Taw

Eh Ler Taw holding an award

At the 2015 NSW Training Awards, Eh Ler who completed the Certificate III Engineering Mechanical Trade from TAFE NSW - South Western Sydney Institute won the Phil Darby Memorial Award.

As a Khmer refugee, Eh Ler spent part of his childhood in a refugee camp in Thailand where he dreamed of becoming an engineer.

When Eh Ler arrived in Australia he overcame the barriers of limited English language skills before completing his school certificate, a prevocational course, his apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering, and a Diploma of Engineering.

Eh Ler has been recognised by his teachers and employer as a fantastic role model for other students and work mates. He likes to challenge himself, is focused on training, and, not surprisingly, thoroughly loves his trade. He has competed twice in World Skills and has won many awards.

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