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Troy Everett, Building and Construction

Troy receiving his award

Troy has over 20 years experience in the national and international bricklaying industry. His many achievements include his Gold Medal Award for Bricklaying from the Clay Brick and Paver Institute, and recently being appointed as Australian Apprenticeship Ambassador for 2015 by the Commonwealth Government.

Troy is the Head Teacher of Bricklaying and of Building and Construction, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Mapping at TAFE NSW Illawarra Institute.

"I've been combining teaching and bricklaying for the last 20 years and it's been a great ride," he said.

"Currently students want the answers on hand and want to be taught in a variety of ways to suit different learning styles."

Troy is also the Worldskills International Chief Expert for Bricklaying, and travelled to the 2015 International Worldskills Competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Troy has used his connections within TAFE Illawarra for the bricklaying students to work in collaboration with architecture students, allowing students to network. The result was very successful, with student Darren Ritchie designing an "Anzac Wall" that Troy is negotiating with a local council to have built.

"It pleases me that there is a good demand for brickies," he said. "If you want it enough and work hard, the world is your oyster and the opportunities are there to be had."

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