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Colin Tritton, Maritime

Photo of Colin Tritton

Before teaching at TAFE Illawarra in Maritime Services, Colin Tritton was involved in a range of high flying roles on, and in, the water.

He trained with the Australian Navy and NSW Police to work as a ship's diver for Australian Customs and NSW Water Police investigating water-related crime, accidents and deaths including murders. He also set up a Diving Inspectorate for the Queensland Government. He brought this experience with him to Moruya Campus in 1997 to his large range of student-focused teaching roles.

His star pupils include the high achieving young skipper, Nick Cowley, 20, who was TAFE Illawarra's 2013 Student of the Year and is now a Made By TAFE NSW Ambassador. While at TAFE Illawarra Colin has worked in a range of roles from teaching all level of courses in maritime and marine services to working as Assistant Faculty Director.

"I love teaching, you have to have that love and put in the extra effort for the students."

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