Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Giovanni Pilu - Content

Giovanni Pilu

Owner of the hatted-restaurant Pilu at Freshwater, Giovanni studied Commercial Cookery in 1996 at the TAFE NSW, Northern Sydney.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Matt Moran - Content

Matt Moran

Nationally renowned chef, restaurateur, TV presenter and author, Matt Moran built the foundation for his career in 1986 by graduating in Commercial Cookery at TAFE NSW, Northern Sydney.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Morgan Clementson - Content

Morgan Clementson

With a successful, international career in bread-making, Morgan studied Baking in 2013 at TAFE NSW, Illawarra.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Andrew Abood - Content

Andrew Abood

Andrew Abood, who appears on 'Bondi Vet', studied Veterinary Nursing at TAFE NSW, South Western Sydney in 2013. Also a professional swimmer, TAFE NSW's flexibility around his busy schedule led to his success in nursing sick animals – and running puppy schools.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Tom Walton - Content

Tom Walton

Tom Walton is head chef of The Bucketlist in Bondi. He began his career by studying Commercial Cookery graduate at TAFE NSW Western Sydney.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Ed Halmagyi - Content

Ed Halmagyi

Ed Halmagy built the technical foundation for his career by graduating in Commercial Cookery graduate at TAFE NSW, Northern Sydney.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Dean Gibson - Content

Dean Gibson

Possibly the only person in the world to compete in both the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie and the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, Dean began his career by graduating in Commercial Cookery in 1997 at TAFE NSW Hunter & Central Coast.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Bassam Barake - Content

Bassam Barake

Bassam launched his career in Real Estate by graduating in a Certificate IV in Property Services at TAFE NSW Sydney.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Amy Stiles - Content

Amy Stiles

For Amy Stiles, TAFE NSW is the foundation for a legal career she is passionate about.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Jim Sell - Content

Jim Sell

Owner of Quality Country Homes, Jim studied Building and Carpentry in the 1980s at TAFE NSW Illawarra.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Susan Jarrett - Content

Susan Jarrett

Susan Jarrett studied Architectural Technology at TAFE NSW Sydney. She now runs a successful building design company, Structure Building.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Mark Single - Content

Mark Single

Mark studied Building Supervision at TAFE NSW, New England.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Luke Madden - Content

Luke Madden

Luke Madden studied Recreation (Fitness) at TAFE NSW Sydney in 2001 and is now the principal osteopath and Director of Miranda Health Centre. Luke credits the foundations and background training he learnt at TAFE NSW for his success.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Chris Ebeling - Content

Chris Ebeling

Star Wars fan and gamer Chris Ebeling studied Digital and Interactive Games at TAFE NSW Sydney in 2007. Now a freelance animator, he's worked on movies like The Great Gatsby and Happy Feet, as well as developing his own projects in gaming and TV.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Carol Bagaric - Content

Carol Bagaric

Carol Bagaric, business owner, studied Visual Merchandising at TAFE NSW, Sydney in 1999. Excited by the creativity and practical hands-on aspects of visual merchandising, Carol set up her own business in 2005.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Victoria Waring - Content

Victoria Waring

Award-winning tradie, Victoria Waring studied Painting and Decorating in 2008 at TAFE NSW, South Western Sydney. She now runs her own company, offering opportunities to female apprentices in a male-dominated trade.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Jackson Bramley - Content

Jackson Bramley

Jackson Bramley studied Horticulture (Landscaping) at TAFE NSW, New England in 2011. He now runs his own landscaping business and takes on apprentices.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Ito Rivera - Content

Ito Rivera

Originally from the Philippines, Ito Rivera, came to Australia to study Early Childhood Education and Care in 2014 at TAFE NSW Illawarra, which opened the doors to employment. He's now working with a company he did work placement with.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Frank Newwah-Jefroi - Content

Frank Newwah-Jefroi

Frank Newah-Jarfoi, community development officer, studied community Welfare Work in 2010 at TAFE NSW, Riverina. His passion for community services started when he was a refugee in Guinea.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Nick Cowley - Content

Nick Cowley

Nick studied Coastal Maritime Operations in 2013 at TAFE NSW, Illawarra.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Thomas Rann - Content

Thomas Rann

Thomas Rann began his career with the Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology from TAFE NSW, North Coast in 2012.

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Lisa McGuigan - Content

Lisa McGuigan

Famous winemaker and owner of Lisa McGuigan Wines, Lisa studied Hospitality and Catering in 1987 at TAFE NSW, Hunter & Central Coast

Why TAFE - Graduate Stories - Kyle Loades - Content

Kyle Loades

Kyle Loades studied Marketing in 1988 at TAFE NSW Central Coast & Hunter.