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Entry Requirements

Almost every qualification, from Certificate to Degree has minimum entry requirements. Whether it's English language, academic prerequisites or an additional portfolio, it's important that you check that you meet these entry requirements to begin your studies.

Don't forget to check the details listed under "Entry Requirements" on each course information page for specific English language, academic and other requirements.

Check the course entry requirements

  • Make sure you meet the English language and academic requirements of the course you want to study. If you don't meet the English requirements, we can help you. Enrol in an English course at TAFE NSW, let us know you want to do this in Section 4A of the application form.
  • Some courses have one or more prerequisites, which are lower level courses you need to complete first i.e. to study an Advanced Diploma, you may have to complete a Certificate IV and a Diploma course first.
  • Some courses require you to complete additional entry requirements e.g. submit an essay or portfolio of work along with your application.

Study requirements

Mode of Study

International students are required to enrol into full time courses only, where there is a minimum of 20 hours course contact hours scheduled. At least two thirds of the scheduled course contact hours will require face-to-face attendance with your teacher. The remaining course contact hours may consist of online and/or self-paced learning. Upon enrolment you will receive a copy of your personal timetable.

To assist your planning click here to access the academic year calendar.

Assessment method

TAFE NSW courses are assessed through a combination of assessment types that may include written assignments, case studies, reports, group tasks, portfolios and/or presentations. Some vocational courses require students attend one or multiple work placement sessions. Students must successfully pass all units to complete the qualification.

Equipment and learning resources

TAFE NSW campuses have a range of equipment and learning resources available to assist all students. A variety of equipment such as computers, internet access, whiteboard and collaborative spaces along with a range of different simulated work environments are available. Additional learning resources can be found in the campus library facilities.

Connected Learning

Connected learning is a method of course delivery, whereby students learn from their teacher via web conferencing technology, as part of a virtual classroom. Teachers lead the virtual classroom in real time, instructing students from different locations, so everyone can participate in class at the same time.

Our connected learning classes typically include interactive exercises, which are an effective way of transferring knowledge and embedding skills, as well as helping you to develop supplementary skills that are also highly valued by employers, such as digital literacy, remote working, problem solving, and resilience.

However, connected learning is not 100% online. It also combines some course units that need to be completed in Australia, at the TAFE NSW location where you are enrolled.

Students currently living outside of Australia are able to enrol in an accredited Australian qualification with TAFE NSW, and then commence study by joining our connected learning classes.


Course Campus
Certificate IV in Business,
(BSB40215 | CRICOS: 089581E)
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth – 5),
(CRICOS: 075653J)
Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security),
(CRICOS Code: 095515J)
Bachelor of Information Technology (Data Engineering),
(CRICOS Code: 095515J)

Benefits for students

Enabling students and teachers to participate in learning programs while studying outside of Australia, connected learning also benefits students through:

  • a teacher guiding your class through all learning activities
  • individual support from teachers to help you stay on track
  • access to classmates, and social interaction with peers, from within the virtual classroom
  • learning valuable remote working skills, which are increasingly important in modern workplaces
  • commencing an accredited Australian qualification while overseas.

For more information or how to enrol into our connected learning courses, please email and one of our Customer Service Staff will assist you.

INTERNATIONAL - Enrol - Connected Learning - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Connected Learning is different from online delivery, because with connected learning, students and teachers connect in real-time, via web-conferencing software for some course units, and for other course units, students need to attend TAFE NSW in person. However, with online learning, courses are delivered and completed 100% online, and the courses are more self-paced and self-directed.

Yes. Practical and interactive activities are a component of connected learning. To complete some of your course units, you will be required to attend classes in Australia, at the TAFE NSW location with whom you are enrolled.

Ideally, you will require a private, distraction free environment. Before you join each class session, make sure the people around you know you are in class and try and keep the background noise from distracting you. It is also a good idea to turn your camera on before class, to check that your background is appropriate.