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At TAFE NSW, we recognise that complaints made about our services, systems, facilities or service delivery play an important role in improving customer experience.

If you do have an issue, we recommend you raise your complaint with TAFE NSW staff at your delivery point as soon as the situation arises. This way it won't escalate unnecessarily into a bigger problem. Most concerns can be resolved by talking to a staff member at your delivery point, as they will know your situation and can help to resolve your complaint as soon as possible.

You can arrange an appropriate time to meet with your teacher by sending them an email requesting a time to meet or phoning your local TAFE NSW administration office and asking for an appointment.

You may bring a friend or relative to support you. If you need an interpreter, we can arrange that, please just ask beforehand.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with staff at your delivery point, you can submit a complaint online via the online complaint form. You can make a complaint to any TAFE NSW employee or ask them to assist you to record your complaint on the online form.

Complaints to TAFE NSW are managed in accordance with TAFE NSW's Complaint Management Policy.

Assessment appeals

The complaints process does not deal with assessment appeals. If you are concerned about an assessment result or the outcome of your request for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), refer to TAFE NSW Rights and Responsibilities.

Smart and skilled complaints

If you are enrolled in a Smart and Skilled qualification, and your issue cannot be resolved by TAFE NSW, you can also contact the Smart and Skilled Customer Support Centre to seek assistance, ask for advice or make a complaint.

You can do this by email, over the phone on 13 28 11, or in person at a Training Services NSW Centre.


TAFE NSW will treat every complaint with sensitivity, but confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in all situations. If your complaint is about another person they have a right to know about any allegations made against them and be given a chance to respond.

Making an anonymous complaint

You can make a complaint anonymously, however, TAFE NSW will not be able to provide you with feedback and it may be difficult to resolve your concern if you do not provide your contact details and further information is required to investigate the matter.

After a complaint is made

How your complaint is managed depends on what it is about. Most complaints can be resolved quickly and informally to everybody's satisfaction simply by having a discussion and exploring options to resolve the issue.

If you lodge a complaint via the online form, it will be handled by a staff member, in the area of TAFE NSW you have concerns about, who is best able to respond to the issues raised.

The person who will respond to your complaint will make contact with you and provide their details.

They will also investigate your concerns before providing a response. Depending on how much information you provided in your complaint, they may also contact you for further details.

Some complaints are covered under another policy or by special legislation such as occupational health and safety or anti-discrimination policies. You will be advised if this is the case with your complaint.

TAFE NSW will resolve your complaint as soon as possible. Occasionally, more serious or complex complaints require in depth investigation. These can take longer to resolve. If this happens, you will be contacted and updated on the progress of your complaint at regular intervals until the matter is resolved.

If you have not heard from the person handling the complaint within a reasonable time, you should contact them to ask what is happening.

Once the staff member has made a decision based on the available evidence, they will contact you and confirm the outcome of your complaint in writing.

After an outcome is given

If you are not happy with the result you are entitled to an internal review of the outcome of your complaint.

Should you still be unhappy following the internal review, you can have your complaint reviewed by an external third party, such as the NSW Ombudsman or the Australian Skills Quality Authority. TAFE NSW can assist you to make contact with these agencies.

Consumer protection

The TAFE NSW consumer protection officer can provide information and advice on your rights. You can contact the TAFE NSW Consumer Protection Officer, Hugh Greenough by email.

External bodies that may be able to assist include:

NSW Ombudsman
Ph: 02 9286 1000

Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW
Ph: 02 9268 5555

Australian Skills Quality Authority
Ph: 1300 701 801