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Looking for key career skills faster?

Looking for key career skills faster? Looking for key career skills faster?

TAFE NSW has over 500 short courses that can be completed in just days or weeks, offering practical skills and experiences across all industries. Gain the confidence to immediately apply new skills in your career and be whatever you want to be — faster.

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Discover over 500 short courses and get the skills you need to be whatever you want to be. Faster.

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Testimonials and Why TAFE

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See what our students have to say about their time at TAFE NSW

I wasn’t really into the whole university atmosphere where everyone seems to be competing. At TAFE, everyone kinda helps each other. It’s much more supportive.

- Jesse Skinner, Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation

Coming to TAFE was a much better fit for me because I was really able to be one-on-one with teachers and it was a much more intimate learning environment, which really benefited me as a student.

- Olivia Groome, Bachelor of Design (Interior Design)