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Getting around by public transport

Sydney has an excellent public transport system including trains, buses and ferries. Transport runs to a timetable and operates regularly into the evening. It might be a good idea to grab an Opal card, which is a smartcard ticket that you keep, reload and reuse to pay for travel on public transport. You can add money at Opal card retailers, then tap on and tap off to pay your fares on trains, buses, ferries and light rail (within the Opal network).

Depending on the service, you can buy a single ticket from the train station or from a bus driver as you travel. This is slightly more expensive and is only valid for that trip. Some buses are also pre-pay which means you can only use the service with a valid Opal card

Find out more about Opal card

Download information about public government transport.

Getting around by car - driving in NSW

International students are allowed to drive a car in NSW if you hold a valid and current driver's licence from your home country.

Whenever you drive, you must always carry with you:

  • Your original valid, current licence from your home country
  • EITHER an International Driving Permit OR a certified English translation of your licence (if your licence is not written in English)
  • Your passport and visa or a certified copy of these documents so you can leave your passport in a safe place

You can get an International Driving Permit in your home country before you leave for Australia.

Driving and licence information is available in several languages in the Guide for International Drivers.

For those of you who don’t drive and prefer pedal power, why not get out and about and discover your new city from a different perspective. Just remember to stay safe on the roads and always wear a helmet (it’s the law in NSW).

International students travel concessions

International students are only entitled to concession fares when their study is fully funded by specified Australian Government scholarships. Concession entitlements cover NSW TrainLink Regional services only.

If you’re an eligible international student, you must carry a valid proof of entitlement to travel on concession fares. All concession cards must be current.

TAFE NSW International Student Cards will be accepted for discounted travel on NSW TrainLink Regional services. On presentation of the card, the applicable student fare is to be charged. Any ancillaries will be charged at the full adult fare. Cards are valid for the current year that appears on the sticker or until 31 March of the following year. The sticker will be updated each year and will be issued by TAFE NSW.

For more information visit Transport Info website.