Student services - Skillmax and EFE

Skillmax and English for Employment (EFE)

Helping skilled migrants access employment opportunities

Skillmax assists skilled migrants with overseas qualifications to seek employment in their area of professional expertise. The programme is free to eligible participants, and is designed to provide participants with a greater understanding of the current labour market, as well as the skills to develop strategies that make the most of employment opportunities in Australia.

Aiming to prepare skilled overseas professionals to enter the Australian workforce, the course content covers essential areas such as:

  • knowledge of Australian workplace culture 
  • career planning and skills analysis
  • job seeking skills and self-marketing techniques
  • résumé and cover letter writing, tailored to the Australian market 
  • addressing selection criteria for public sector positions
  • participating in interviews, face to face and via the telephone
  • networking techniques.

Skillmax is an intensive fast-track course, comprised of 15 hours of classroom tuition per week, delivered over the course of five weeks. 

English for Employment (EFE) is a slower-paced course, comprised of 15 hours of classroom tuition per week, typically delivered over the course of ten weeks. EFE provides additional support to improve workplace communication in areas such as report writing and presentations. 

Both courses also include an additional five-hour workshop, and students are also expected to complete 12 hours of self-directed learning activities, each week.

Courses will be offered online at a number of TAFE NSW locations throughout Sydney starting July 2020. Please contact us to discuss your preferred location.

Download Skillmax Flyer (PDF)

Download English for Employment Flyer (PDF)

Course outcomes

In addition to becoming comprehensively prepared to enter the Australian job market, participants will receive a TAFE statement in Skillmax.

For further information, see attached flyer or contact us by emailing on



“I found this course informative, well-planned, well-structured, easy to understand, and most of all - relevant for people who are seeking jobs and are quite new to the Australian job market.”

“The Skill Max course has helped me immensely in my Job search and prepared me well. My instructor was a well-qualified teacher, who answered all my queries patiently and guided me well. I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

“I really enjoyed mock telephone interview and mock panel interview rounds, as they prepared me well for my upcoming interviews. I got my job within two days on course completion.”

Kanikaa Kapour - Information Technology, India

Wang Rui Yi

“Skillmax is very useful for the job seeker, with so much professional information, experiences, and skills you can’t get from other places.”

“The course content is up to date, helps us to know the newest job market trends. Also, our very professional teacher encouraged us to find the most outstanding points of ourselves, teaching us how to promote ourselves, and gave us lots of chances to practise questions, mock phone interviews and mock face to face interviews, giving me more confidence and experience.”

Wang Rui Yi - Information Technology Web Developer, China


“The teaching methods of Skillmax are very engaging and interactive. The content of the course is useful for every newly arrived migrant in understanding Australian job market, and every topic has its own importance.”

"Skillmax is a great way to understand the work culture and living culture in Australia. This course has boosted my confidence and changed the way I look for jobs. The résumé building, communication etiquette, interview preparation, and most importantly learning the Aussie slang/jargon, are the best things you can learn out of this course.”

“I was applying for various positions the way I used to know, before joining the course. I got no replies from any of the employers. But with the Skillmax résumé writing techniques, communication etiquette, and cold calling techniques, I successfully got replies from employers, and successfully landed in my first Job in Australia within fifteen days after my course.”

Avinaash Gurram - Civil Engineer, India