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A Great Place for the Community

Our campuses and surroundings are welcoming, inclusive, assessable and are integrated with Government, commerce and industry to promote social and economic benefits for our citizens.

Key Outcomes

Our portfolio promotes Sydney and Regional NSW land-use plans

  • Position TAFE NSW to service NSW's priority growth areas while ensuring the appropriate infrastructure response in areas with changing demographic, economic and social requirements and recognising populations, demography and employment profiles are distinct across each NSW region.
  • Investment in campuses to support practical training requirements of high growth or priority precincts will be offset by right-sizing the existing portfolio. TAFE NSW is well-positioned to meet current and future populations across Metropolitan Sydney and Regional NSW.
  • Digital-based delivery will reshape how Vocational Education Training (VET) is accessed across NSW and increasingly will be the removal of physical barriers to access education and training along with NSW Government investment in mass transit systems.

Create centres of economic activity around our campuses

  • Aspire to modernise our portfolio and create a sense of place that reflects shared community interests attracting residents, workers, visitors, enterprise and investment.
  • Evolve our campuses to reflect the unique combination of people, culture, history and expectations of the communities we serve.
  • Our proximity to strategic centres across Metropolitan Sydney and Regional NSW will assist to attract investment and build business activity around our campuses - increasing access to a wide range of jobs and services in locations closer to people's homes.

Portfolio prioritises service delivery accessibility to individuals experiencing inequity and barriers

  • With 36 per cent of the TAFE NSW learner population living in regional NSW compared to 25 per cent of the NSW general population residing in these areas – TAFE NSW prioritises accessibility to education and training services to regional learners.
  • Flexible and adaptable learning spaces provide significant opportunities for TAFE NSW to reach more learners and offer them access to more courses across Regional and Remote NSW.
  • • Our Interconnected Training Network (ITN) will continue to evolve and increase access to infrastructure that provides accessible education and training, including Connected Learning Centres that provide communities with greater access to modern learning facilities and Mobile Training Units which enable the transportation of specialised equipment across the State.