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Vision for Infrastructure

Improving educational and employment outcomes rests, in part, on our willingness to embrace change and evolve how we provide our services. This means adapting our assets, building flexibility into our infrastructure and adopting new technologies to improve outcomes for learners.

We’re poised to increase digital access for learners, while bringing together all the necessary physical and digital infrastructure components to provide a customer-centric learning and teaching experience for industry, our learners, and our employees.

In delivering the TAFE NSW 20 Year Infrastructure Strategy (20YIS) and ensuring we provide the appropriate infrastructure response at all touchpoints throughout the customer journey, a key focus is the continued development of our Interconnected Training Network (ITN).

The ITN includes our campuses, Connected Learning Centres, specialist centres such as the Institute of Applied Technology pilots, Centres of Excellence, Connected Learning Points, Mobile Training Units and Workplace environments including Skills Exchange.

The ITN sets the foundations for TAFE NSW’s future aspirations – to deliver infrastructure that supports an adaptable education system and provides modern, digitally enabled learning opportunities – enhancing our customers’ experience.

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Interconnected Training Network (ITN)

Institute of Applied Technology pilot

The Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) pilots feature a merged education model that takes collaboration between universities, TAFE NSW, and industry to the next level.

Each Institute co-designs and co-delivers courses that respond to changes in student aspirations, industry demand, and anticipated skill shortages with its partners. Together these stakeholders develop the appropriate core partnerships to contribute to the Institute educational model.

The IAT pilots are supported and enabled through physical and digital infrastructure that ensures students will have access to enhanced training with products only available through the IAT.

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Connected Learning Centres

TAFE NSW’s Connected Learning Centres (CLCs) provide students and employers across regional NSW with greater choice and better access to world-class, learning opportunities for regional communities.

Each CLC has been custom designed to utilise modern, digitally-enabled technologies to offer a wider range of flexible learning options. This means that you don’t have to leave your local community to receive elite training and a first rate education.

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Centres of Excellence

Specialist centres such as Centres of Excellence (COE) offer training programs co-designed and co-delivered with industry, universities and other partners using modern facilities and the latest learning technologies. They support commercial industry relationships and emerging industry skills needs to deliver job-ready graduates in high growth, priority industry areas.

Given the importance of these partnerships and the rate of innovation, COEs provide learners with a comprehensive educational experience, where they can access subject matter experts across TAFE NSW, the university sector and industry. Through co-designed training, COEs support a shift to more workplace-based training and enabling students to benefit from specialist knowledge and hands-on learning opportunities.