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Conducting research in TAFE NSW – Application process

TAFE NSW welcomes high quality research that supports our strategic directions.

All research involving TAFE NSW students, customers and and/or staff must be approved by TAFE NSW. Proposed projects must meet all policy, procedural and ethical requirements of working with TAFE NSW students and staff as detailed in the Guidelines for applications to conduct research in TAFE NSW.

The Guidelines apply to applications for research within or concerning the operations of TAFE NSW to be carried out by researchers external to TAFE NSW or by TAFE NSW staff. All research should contribute to the achievement of the State’s strategic directions, Premier’s Priorities and the current TAFE NSW Strategic Plan.

Requests are reviewed by TAFE NSW on a case-by-case basis, and must be approved by TAFE NSW.

To seek approval to conduct research at TAFE NSW, researchers should submit Application forms and supporting documentation to the TAFE NSW Quality Standards branch.

If researchers require access to aggregated regional or state level data, they must complete the research data request form (Form 3).