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Australian Patisserie Academy

Share the joy of extraordinary patisserie. Our specialised courses, from beginner to master level, are delivered by internationally acclaimed, award-winning chefs who are passionate about transforming your culinary skills.

TAFE NSW Australian Patisserie Academy

Established in 2014, the TAFE NSW Australian Patisserie Academy was designed to give food enthusiasts, culinary professionals, businesses and individuals the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of patisserie.

Utilising the professional kitchens of TAFE NSW, the Academy team alongside international guest chefs, ensure you emerge with a dream patisserie skill set. From perfecting the art of cake decorating to baking the perfect sourdough, pulling exquisite sugar ribbons to creating one-of-a-kind chocolate show pieces, the Academy is dedicated to preserving the art of patisserie.

Classes are short, flexible and constantly changing to reflect industry trends. So whether you’re a passionate weekend baker or master chocolatier, there’s a course that’s your perfect mix.

TAFE NSW Australian Patisserie Academy is located at 250 Blaxland Road Ryde NSW 2112. Phone: 02 7920 4111

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Why TAFE NSW Australian Patisserie Academy

Hands-on learning

Recognised for our hands-on approach to skills training, you’ll get practical experience making, creating and doing - not just watching.

Network with professionals

Connect with your industry experienced teachers, international guest chefs and your peers. Form connections that will be invaluable throughout your career.

World-class facilities

Learn your craft in our professional kitchens and create patisserie in your own home or as a pâtissier in restaurants in Australia and internationally.

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From classic to contemporary, immerse yourself in one of our refined patisserie courses that promise to teach you how to create perfectly shaped and moulded pastries, ready for your own high tea. Read more >

Your imagination is your only limitation as you learn the latest styles in popular patisserie treats; macarons, eclairs and entremets.

If you would like to increase the complexity of your creations, undertake one of our advanced classes and create a contemporary croquembouche framed by nougatine and decorated with sugar flowers and ribbon.

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Indulge in our heavenly chocolate courses, working with superior couverture chocolate. Read more >

Begin at the tempering stage and glide into hand dipped chocolate bars, truffles and seasonal chocolates.

If you are a connoisseur of all things chocolate, you can craft a masterful chocolate showpiece that is an expression of your professionalism and creativity in one extravagant creation.

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There's nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread, and now you can revel in the wholesome aromas, as you learn classic bakery skills. Read more >

Follow the artisan bakery movement, try your hand at creating delicious pastries, sweet buns or flavoured breads in specific season courses, learn to knead your dough from scratch; and when it’s time, devour your hand crafted loaf of bread for lunch with a cup of of tea on the terrace.

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Cake design + decorating

Get crafty with our cake design and decorating courses Read more >

Learn the foundational skills required in covering, decorating, piping, stencilling and colouring your cake, through to advanced techniques in figurines and modelling.

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Learn to cook, cast, pull and garnish to create your own sugar masterpiece with the Academy’s range of sugar courses. Read more >

Our expert teachers can instruct you in the foundations, or more advanced areas of sugar work. During our advanced classes you will learn the art of pastillage, sugar blowing, advanced flowers, moulding and creating simple showpieces.

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Master the culinary skills to create beautiful dishes that impress family and friends, and maybe ignite an ambition for a career in the kitchen. Read more >

With courses catering to beginners through to professionals, you can build an array of essential skills and knowledge and develop your talents to professionally prepare the perfect plate.

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