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How to change your career at any stage

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Be inspired

Support while you study and as you progress through your career.

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Be real

Real people and real learning for real jobs.

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Be connected

Connect with industry experts and teachers who care about your career success.

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Change your career with Jonesy


Brendan ‘Jonsey’ Jones – a former TAFE NSW student, and current radio superstar – had a number of careers. Then he decided to follow his passion for radio. Check out his advice on how to change careers and follow your heart.

Choose your course

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Time for a re-think?

TAFE NSW Counsellors give career-change tips.

Follow your passion
Tell everyone you know about the work you want. Employers look for people with energy and ambition. There are 6 degrees of separation, and looking to move up in your career is not something you should keep quiet about. So many jobs are not advertised and opportunities are often through informal networks.
Take the opportunity
If you enrol in a TAFE NSW course, make sure you leverage it! Your teachers are all industry experts, many still work in the industry or are on boards. You’ll have the opportunity to attend industry events organised by your course and by external bodies such as professional associations.
It's your time
Life's too short to waste on a course that's not making your heart sing. Listen to your instincts, follow your passion and you’ll never go wrong.
Focus on the right course
Employers need to trust that a qualification was issued by a provider they trust, and that what you are bringing to your new career adds value for them. Sometimes a Certificate III is more valued and relevant than a degree. In other industries, an Advanced Diploma or Bachelor Degree is best.

Be advised

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Changing careers?

Learn what you need to consider to successfully change your career

Follow your passion into a career you’ll love with real-world advice from industry experts, TAFE NSW career advisors and graduates who have made the change.