Design Standards - Intro

Design Standards

TAFE NSW's Built Environment Design Standards form the essential reference for all infrastructure projects undertaken by or on behalf of TAFE NSW. The Standards align current sustainable, inclusive design practices with TAFE NSW business and training needs, enabling creation of exemplary vocational learning environments. The Standards are applicable to all new build, upgrade, and refurbishment projects.

Design Standards - Building Downloads


7 October 2022 Learning Support Spaces Design Standard

Revision B

This Standard addresses the quality of spaces supporting learner activities outside of scheduled classes. It provides design strategies & requirements for libraries, student commons, informal learning spaces and the like.

29 July 2022 Multi Trades Hub Design Standard

Revision C

This Standard provides requirements for the planning, design and construction of specialist training hubs catering to complementary trades sectors, that are flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of skills and industry.

6 June 2023 Signage and Wayfinding Design Standard

Revision A

This Standard is a comprehensive guide to the planning, design and implementation of wayfinding strategies, and interior and exterior fixed signage for TAFE NSW built environments.

7 June 2023 Sustainable Design Standard

Revision C

The Sustainable Design Standard supports the implementation of TAFE NSW’s key objectives across climate action, circular economy, creating healthy environments, and education and engagement.

7 June 2023 Sustainable Design Standard – Project Summary Templates

Revision C

Templates included in this document as appendices to the Sustainable Design Standard are appendix B – Project Summary, and Appendix C – Climate Change Assessment.

Design Standards - Plant & Equipment Downloads

Plant & Equipment

5 November 2021 Furniture Design Standard

Revision C

This Standard defines the guiding principles for the selection of standard furniture across TAFE NSW. The Standard nominates design strategies and performance requirements for most typical furniture settings.

31 August 2022 Vertical Transport Design Standard

Revision B

This Standard defines the design and performance requirements for new passenger and goods lifts installed in TAFE NSW facilities.

13 September 2022 Welding Bay Design Standard

Revision B

This Standard sets out requirements for the design and construction of any new welding training bays, demonstration bays and associated services across all TAFE NSW facilities.

Design Standards - Services Downloads


17 December 2021 Electrical Services Design Standard

Revision C

This Standard identifies TAFE NSW and best practice requirements for electrical supply, photovoltaics, circuit protection and energy management systems.

4 November 2022 Hydraulic Services Design Standard

Revision E

This Standard provides guidance for the planning, design, construction and commissioning of hydraulic services including water supply, sanitary drainage, trade waste, stormwater and wet fire systems.

10 December 2021 Lighting Services Design Standard

Revision C

This Standard covers new and upgraded lighting services across TAFE NSW facilities. It includes requirements for luminaires, interior and exterior lighting systems, lighting control systems and emergency and exit lighting.

6 December 2022 Mechanical Services Design Standard

Revision D

This Standard provides guidance for the planning, design, operation and maintenance of mechanical services. It covers heating, ventilation, A/C, Extraction, smoke management, compressed air and mechanical controls.

Design Standards - Systems Downloads


19 August 2022 Smart Campus Design Standard

Revision D

This standard outlines the principles of implementing connected technologies to create a smart campus ecosystem across TAFE NSW facilities and includes guidance on the planning and design of smart campus systems and sub-systems.