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Turn your passion for sports into a fulfilling career with a sports course at TAFE NSW. In a rapidly expanding industry valued at billions, skilled...

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  • Diploma Sport, Aquatics and Recreation Management


    Cross the goal line to become a manager in a sport, aquatics or recreation facility. Lead and manage teams and liaise with facility managers and local councils. Boost program participation, plan and run a series of sports coaching sessions.

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Sport course information

It’s easy to balance work and study with a TAFE NSW sport course.

  • Face-to-face courses at TAFE NSW are immersive and interactive, and you can choose between full-time or part-ti...
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Who is a sport course good for?

If you're someone who thrives in active, fast-paced environments and has a deep-rooted passion for sports, our sports courses are tailored for you. Enthusiasm alone isn't enough; you'll also need strong orga...

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Sport career paths

Investing your time and energy into a sports course provides you with several great career options to choose from:

  • A Sports trainer focuses on injury prevention, immediate care ...
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