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TAFE Digital offers a wide range of nationally recognised, online study options, across a range of modern industries. You can study online and enjoy flexible learning to fit your lifestyle, with our online short courses, certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With online study, you can choose when you study and anywhere there is an Internet connection. This flexibility enables you to fit study around your family, work and personal commitments. However, online study requires a significant amount of time each week so it is a good idea to design a weekly schedule so you can allocate blocks of time to your studies.

When you study online you have access to a range of support including:

Your teachers – you can contact your teacher via email, phone or chat on MS Teams. Your teacher will give you useful information about your course and feedback on your assessments. Remember, you can ask for help any time.

Disability, Counselling, Multicultural and Learner Support – specialised teams are available to help you if you have a disability, illness or injury. You can also access multicultural services, personal and career counselling, and language, literacy and numeracy support.

In most cases you can enrol anytime in a course. There may be entry requirements or a wait list depending on which course you have chosen. Current information about online courses is available on the TAFE NSW website.

After you enrol, you can log in to the online learning platform where you have 24/7 access to everything you need to complete your course including learning resources, assessments, your training plan and information from your teachers.

Each course has an end date. The length of time to complete a course varies depending on the qualification in which you are enrolled. For example, it is 12 months for the Certificate III in Community Services and 18 months for a Diploma of Business. We recommend that you check the TAFE NSW website for the most current information.

We recommend that you dedicate at least 10 - 15 hours each week. However, this may vary depending upon the course and your current experience and knowledge. You can work through your course as quickly as you want to so you could finish your course before the end date.

You will receive a training plan which lists the units you will be studying and the end date of your course. It is important to participate in your studies each week so you finish your course on time.

This depends on your course. Most courses have regular webinars where you can interact with your teacher and other students. You can also chat on MS Teams.

Never be afraid to ask questions. Whether you need clarification on a key concept or have a question about an assessment, reach out. Your teacher is available to support you on your learning journey. You can phone a teacher during business hours from Monday to Friday or send an email to the teaching section.

Yes, you can study whenever it suits you. Your online learning resources are available 24/7.

If possible, set up a dedicated study space at home. Alternatively, you can study at your local TAFE NSW campus library or community library.

We want you to be successful and complete your course by the end date. It is a requirement that you regularly log into your learning platform, actively work through your course notes, complete learning activities and submit assessments on time.

Sometimes life gets in the way, so if you are finding it difficult to progress with your studies, contact your teacher as soon as possible. If you have not participated in your course for 4 weeks, a teacher will call you to discuss your options.

No, not in the traditional sense where students studying on campus have holidays between terms. You have a set timeframe in which you must complete your course, so you need to manage your time to stay on track with your studies. We recommend that you contact your teacher if you are planning to have a holiday so adjustments can be made to your training plan.

In most situations, you should be able to go to your local campus to sit an exam.

Yes, when you study at TAFE Digital you have access to these facilities at TAFE NSW.

You can access the online learning platform and your course using your mobile phone however we recommend that you have access to a laptop or computer to read your course notes and work on assessments.

Minimum software specifications to study online are:

  • Microsoft Office or equivalent (free download for TAFE NSW students)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)
  • Adobe Flash Player (free download)
  • Up-to-date internet browser

You don't have to be a computer whiz to succeed in online learning, however you should be comfortable typing, using the internet and email, chatting to your teachers or others online, reading course content online, using common software and performing other basic digital tasks.

You need to be focussed and self-motivated when you study online. You won’t have teachers checking up on your progress each week. Take responsibility for your learning and be proactive, setting aside blocks of time each week to actively engage with your studies.