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Credit pathways

Once you have enrolled in a TAFE NSW qualification your previous skills and experience can be assessed for credit against the qualification.

You may have gained these skills from school, formal and informal training, employment, volunteer work, life or work experience or other qualifications.

When enrolling under a Smart and Skilled entitlement and where you are eligible for 100% credit from previous studies, your student fee contribution will be zero. However you will be required to pay an administration fee for the production of your testamur.

What are the benefits of obtaining Credit?

Once you have chosen the right VET qualification, obtaining credit means that:

  1. You spend less time studying
  2. You don't need to study the same thing twice
  3. It may help to meet the entry requirements for higher level qualifications

Qualifications gained through credit have the same value as those gained through course work at TAFE NSW.

You may apply for credit for a single unit/module or groups of units up to 100% of a qualification. You can apply at any time however it is best to make your applications as early as possible after enrolment.

Some of our courses already have a skills recognition pathway, detailed information is available on the Course Information page.

NOTE: Credit may impact on a graded qualification.