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Destination Australia Scholarship

Destination Australia Scholarship

Destination Australia Scholarships are funded by the Commonwealth Government, and are designed to attract and support students who choose to live and study in regional communities. 

Each Scholarship provides $15,000 per student per year to meet the costs associated with relocating, living and studying in regional Australia.

For more information visit the Destination Australia website.

Closing date: Semester 2 - 29 May 2020.

To be eligible for a TAFE NSW Destination Australia scholarship, a student must:

  1. be a new, full-time student commencing in 2020 to TAFE NSW into the identified locations and courses (for the purposes of the Destination Australia Program, a “new student” encompasses all students who commence their studies from 28st January 2020 into the approved TAFE NSW location and identified courses, and includes those students who commenced study at another provider or in another TAFE NSW course and transferred;  a student who commences a new course of study, e.g. moved into one of the identified courses; a student that may have studied with TAFE NSW in the past; a student completely new to TAFE NSW); AND
  2. maintain ongoing residency in a Regional area as defined by the 2016 Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Structure from the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the duration of each of study period Where a course includes study outside a Regional area (for example, for a clinical placement), residency away from the Regional area is permitted for no more than one study period (not exceeding 6 months) per qualification where the qualification is longer than 2 years, or 25% of the qualification length where the qualification is 2 years or shorter. In cases where the requirements of a compulsory placement exceed the permitted study period away from a Regional area, approval must be sought from the Funding Body; AND
  3. abide by the study rules where a course includes study outside a Regional area (eg: for a clinical placement) or online; AND
  4. maintain an appropriate visa for the duration of the scholarship (international students only).

Scholarships - Destination Australia - FAQs

Semester 2 Course List

Campus Location Course

Coffs Harbour Education Campus (CHEC)

Diploma of Hospitality Management (SIT50416)

Port Macquarie Diploma of Travel & Tourism Management (SIT50116)
Wollongbar Certificate IV Commercial Cookery (SIT40516)
Albury Diploma of Information Technology Networking (ICT50418)
Armidale Diploma of Agriculture (AHC50116)
Orange Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113)

Download and complete the application form.

Application form Terms and conditions

Email the application form to by 29 May 2020.


  1. The relevant Head Teacher for each course, or a suitable replacement
  2. The Director for Student Services and Support in each region, or a suitable Student Services representative

New students are encouraged to apply, however if successful, you must be enrolled in an eligible TAFE NSW qualification at the time of receiving the Scholarship. If you are not enrolled in an eligible TAFE NSW qualification, you will not be eligible to receive the scholarship.

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