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TAFE NSW's purpose is to skill the workforce of the future, and with over 430,000 annual enrolments and a proud 130 years of history, we continue to set the benchmark for quality education and training.

We're seeking world-class educators, innovative industry experts and motivated administration staff to join our dynamic organisation. We have full-time, part-time and casual positions available spanning over 130 locations across NSW and online.

Share your passion for your industry and build the skills, qualifications and employability of people in NSW.

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Becoming a Teacher

As a Registered Training Organisation TAFE NSW educators must meet ASQA’s standards.

To apply for a teaching role you must have:

  • a nationally recognised qualification in the discipline in which you want to teach
  • between three and five years industry experience (depending on the industry)
  • a relevant education qualification

The Benefits

  • Share your knowledge and skills to develop the future workforce
  • Enjoy a career change
  • Benefit from a good salary
  • Excellent conditions and work/life balance
  • Take pride in student achievements and outcomes
  • Varied educational career path

Your Day to Day

  • Teach students face-to-face in classrooms and online
  • Support students 1:1
  • Issue, mark and provide feedback on assessments
  • Student administration, including marking rolls and recording results
  • Maintain relationships with local industry and employers
  • Stay current with industry practice
  • Students need to be assessed to ensure that they have the skills/knowledge needed to be deemed competent for each subject, and ultimately the qualification
  • Assessors specialise in assessment. They work with teachers to write, facilitate and mark assessments
  • Assessors do not teach
  • The qualification needed by Assessors is a subset of the qualification needed by a teacher
  • Education Support Officers support students by maintaining a close relationship with them
  • They provide industry specific and general guidance
  • They support teachers by assisting in the classroom with discipline specific support of students
  • Education Support Officers do not teach

Jobs - Teacher Scholarship

Teacher Scholarship

If you’re considering becoming a TAFE NSW teacher, the Teacher Scholarship is available for qualified industry experts with at least 3-5 years’ experience in areas including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, aged care and nursing.It covers the cost of study of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Download the TAFE NSW
Teacher Scholarship Program


Jobs at TAFE - Aboriginal Scholarship

Teacher scholarship for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community

Share your expertise and passion with the next generation. Teach at TAFE NSW.

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander professional and want to share your passion and expertise with the next generation, the TAFE NSW TAE Scholarship program can help you get the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment needed to teach at TAFE NSW – fee-free*.

As a TAFE NSW teacher, you’ll enjoy a competitive salary package, up to 12 weeks’ annual leave, and a great work/life balance, as well as have the chance to share your skills and expertise with the workforce of tomorrow.

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Jobs - Aboriginal Employment

Aboriginal Employment

TAFE NSW is committed to growing and developing a talented and adaptable Aboriginal workforce. We have opportunities for Aboriginal people right across the organisation in a wide range of roles and at all levels – from trainees to managers and executive roles.

Find out more about our Aboriginal Employment opportunities

Jobs - Teacher Recruitment - Tetimonial - Kylie Tarleton

Kylie Tarleton

Kylie Tarleton

Head of Education and Training Strategy TAFE NSW

Why did you become a TAFE NSW Teacher?

I became a TAFE Teacher because I wanted to give students the opportunities that I was afforded through my trade. I also wanted to lead therapists in to a dynamic industry and to offer a broader perspective. I got to travel the world with my craft, and live experiences that I never thought possible by working on cruise ships, managing world class spas and salons around the world.

What was the main incentive?

The main incentive of being a TAFE Teacher was the satisfaction of seeing people succeed, being able to provide feedback and seeing people try again if needed. The ability to demonstrate a skill and transfer knowledge, and see people develop their own technique is rewarding. I was mindful I was a role model to many young Aboriginal people, and I could assist in making their dreams come true also.

What does a typical day look like?

Class preparation, setting up a simulated salon, delivering knowledge and demonstrating skills sets. I then watch learners practice the skills they learned and would assess those skills, adjusting learning plans individually for students to help them succeed. I wanted to create a class room where no one was compared, that equal opportunity existed, where learners could enter a skill at different points and all achieve their goals.

Jobs - Teacher Recruitment - Tetimonial - Shelley Blanchard

Shelley Blanchard

Shelley Blanchard

Teacher Electrical Trades TAFE NSW

Why did you become a TAFE NSW Teacher?

After so many years in the trade I felt the need to share my skills and was ready to embrace a classroom environment as well as have a bit less time on the tools. I also felt the need to help create a comfortable environment and encourage more females in the trade.

What was the main incentive?

I enjoy the flexibility that TAFE NSW offers as well as the work environment and people. I have met so many amazing people through TAFE NSW, both students as well as staff. I also enjoy the quieter times for marking assessments.

What does a typical day look like?

Generally classroom preparation and theory, mostly followed by some practical skills. It’s great to see the students’ enthusiasm, especially for the practical tasks. Class time is generally focused on the students and then I have my time after class for marking. It’s a great variety of activities, which I really enjoy.

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Jobs - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

TAFE Careers can be contracted by:


  • A brief cover letter (if required)
  • A current resume | Download Resume Template
  • Responses to targeted questions
  • Providing a written response that addresses the targeted questions forms a specific part of the selection process
  • Two referee contact details

The Essential Requirements describes the knowledge, skills and capabilities required to perform the duties of the position and can be found in the position description.

For permanent jobs in the NSW Public Sector, you need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. For most temporary jobs, you need a visa that gives you permission to work in Australia.

If the position you are applying for requires academic qualifications, certificates or licenses, certified copies are to be brought with you to the interview, should you progress. Alternatively, the original documents can be brought and sighted by the interview panel. The academic and professional qualifications of candidates recommended for the appointment talent pool may be verified by the convener of the selection panel with the relevant issuing institution.

In addition, if you are successful, you will be required to undertake a National Criminal Records Check to determine suitability for employment. A person who is unwilling to give consent cannot be employed.

Following submission of your application, you may be contacted by the TAFE NSW Recruitment Team to conduct a telephone screening in relation to your application. You may be asked what your reasons for applying are, and other questions in relation to your skills and experience.

If you are successful in your application for the role, you are required to obtain a Working with Children Check (WWCC) Clearance as a condition of employment.

Referee reports form an important part of the selection process. Applicants are required to provide the details of at least two referees with their application. The following information must be included when providing your referee detail:

  • Current and/or previous position title
  • The referee's relationship to you (e.g. direct supervisor, team leader, senior manager within your organisation)
  • Contact details, including email and telephone number/s

TAFE NSW is an inclusive employer that is committed to fostering a diverse workforce in which uniqueness is valued and everyone has the opportunity to share their skills and represent their communities. Our diverse candidates will experience a fair and merit based recruitment process and we will make any adjustments needed, both in the recruitment process and on the job.