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The JobTrainer program provides young people and job seekers with low cost and fee-free* training courses to help you develop new skills, improve job prospects and kickstart your career. JobTrainer’s fee-free training programs are available in various industries and include full qualifications and skillsets.

TAFE NSW fee-free* JobTrainer short courses (Statement of Attainment – SOA), certificates and diplomas are currently open for enrolment, so you can enrol now and upskill faster. Exciting new training courses are being added all the time, so check back regularly.

Training under JobTrainer is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments.

* Eligibility criteria apply.
^ JobTrainer expanded eligibility criteria apply.

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Fee-free* JobTrainer Certificates & Diplomas
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New Expanded JobTrainer Eligibility

Early Childhood Courses

Early Childhood and Adult Education

Fee-free* Early Childhood and Adult Education courses are now available via JobTrainer, no matter your current employment status.^

Aged Care Courses

Aged Care and Disability Services

Fee-free* Aged Care and Disability Services courses are now available via JobTrainer, no matter your current employment status.^

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Eligibility Criteria

Training under JobTrainer is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments.

To be eligible for a fully subsidised place you must meet Smart and Skilled eligibility guidelines which are:

  • live or work in NSW
  • be an Australian Citizen, a permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen, or a humanitarian visa holder
  • have left school

AND meet one of the following criteria:

  • aged from 16 – 24 inclusive, or
  • in receipt of a Commonwealth Government benefit, or
  • an unemployed person, or
  • people expected to become unemployed
  • a Veteran
  • a Veteran’s Recognised Partner (includes Spouse, Recognised Defacto or Ex-Spouse/Recognised Defacto)

^ Eligibility is being extended for all students enrolling into targeted qualifications in 2022, aligned with the following priority skills:

  • training and assessment
  • aged care
  • digital skills
  • childcare, and
  • disability care.

Search TAFE NSW website for available courses marked as JobTrainer eligible.

This means that employed people (existing workers) are also able to access fee-free* training in specific full and part qualifications in each of the four industries listed above.

Note: to be eligible, existing worker students do not need to be employed in one of these industries.

TAFE NSW also has a range of other Government programs available.

You will also need:

Frequently Asked Questions

Training under JobTrainer is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments.

JobTrainer is an employment support initiative, that offers free and low-cost courses, both short and long, to those left unemployed by the economic downturn, and also provides wage subsidies for apprentices. It is projected to create up to 340,700 new positions to support school leavers and job seekers, helping them gain the skills they need to get a job.

Depending on which course you enrol in, it may be free, or it will be at a reduced cost. JobTrainer will also provide wage subsidies for apprentices. JobTrainer offers free courses courtesy of the Australian government, as well as the state government. This means you can study a short or long course for free – or at a heavily subsidised rate.

If you are unsure about a specific requirement, please contact TAFE NSW, and we can help clarify and questions you might have.

If you are aged over 35 years, you could be eligible for the Mature Age Workers.

Find out more

You can register your interest in a JobTrainer course here.

The skill set training courses included are associated with the areas the National Skills Commission has identified as likely to experience job growth, i.e. health care and social assistance, transport, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale trade.

Many of the courses on offer include short courses, known as skill sets, which make up part of a variety of full qualifications. By successfully completing skill sets and continuing study into other courses, you could receive credit for those subjects, and not have to complete the full course load.

JobTrainer courses started 16 September 2020, and new courses and start dates are being added all the time. Specific course starting dates and timings are listed in the Attendance tab on the course offering page.

If you have any queries please contact us via enquiry form or call 131 601.

Online study offers you the same qualification and training outcomes, with the added convenience of studying and attending lectures and classes, when it suits you best. You will still be able to watch lectures and participate in tutorials, as well as submit assignments, and sit assessments just like an on-campus student. You will still also have access to top class student support services, plus be involved in group discussions with classmates and teachers, through virtual classrooms and discussion boards.

A virtual classroom experience connects teachers and students from different locations in real time, using web conferencing technology via MS TEAMS on set days and times as advised in the course details. Get ready for learning in a virtual classroom.

Online Study gives you the same qualification and training outcomes as studying on campus. As there is no weekly timetable for classes, students can enjoy the flexibility of studying when and where it suits them. You can find out more about online study and what is required, watch this video to see the online learning in action or also get tips to help you succeed.

Primarily, JobTrainer seeks to help unemployed people to re-train, or for young people to start their career. However, it will also support people who are expecting to become unemployed.

This can cover instances such as companies in declining industries, people whose employment is conditional on immediately undertaking work-relevant training, and workers who have been stood down or furloughed.

While TAFE NSW will not set limits on the number of people trained under this category, it will monitor activity to ensure that school leavers and unemployed people remain a priority.

They are defined as an employee that has been stood down, or an employee whose employer has a JobKeeper arrangement in place and is at risk of becoming unemployed, and who requires upskilling or reskilling for a new role and employment elsewhere.

They are defined as someone who has been employed for less than six months and have been employed on the condition that they receive training to build their capacity and capability for their job role. This training would occur within the first six months of their employment.

They are defined as an existing employee without previous qualifications (at Certificate III or above), who requires training to upskill for the purposes of securing ongoing employment or future employment.

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JobTrainer - Free Online Courses - Other Government Programs