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TAFE NSW Inverell is located a few blocks away from the town centre of Inverell, a former gemstone producing town in northern NSW that still carries the moniker of 'Sapphire City.'

Offering a variety of training opportunities for students of all ages, TAFE NSW Inverell provides areas of study like early childhood education and care, fitness, business, digital media and technology, that focus on empowering students with the skills and knoweldge to fill gaps within the local workforce.

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Evans Street, Inverell 2360

Services and facilities

At TAFE NSW Inverell, you'll learn new skills in training environments designed to reflect real workplaces, with access to the same equipment and latest technology being used by industry.


Phone (02) 6721 9025



Samantha Hart
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Phone (02) 6752 0321
Email samantha.hart3@tafensw.edu.au

Careers Advisor

Crystal Robinson
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Phone (02) 6721 9035
Email crystal.robinson8@tafensw.edu.au

Disability services

Blind and Low Vision
Phone (02) 6768 2360
Email helen.swain@tafensw.edu.au
Deaf and Hearing Impaired
Phone (02) 6768 2333
SMS 0419 621 277
Email kim.curtis2@tafensw.edu.au
Intellectual and Learning
Phone (02) 6773 7746
Email cheryl.andrews@tafensw.edu.au
Mental Health
Phone (02) 6773 7747
Email wendy.lush@tafensw.edu.au
Physical Disability, Acquired Brain Injury, Medical Conditions
Phone (02) 6768 2371
Email wendy.williams27@tafensw.edu.au

Student associations

Service based at Inverell Campus
Cassie Donnelly
Phone 02 6721 9000
Email cassandra.donnelly1@tafensw.edu.au

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