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To better protect our students from cyber-attacks, TAFE NSW is turning on MFA for student accounts from 7pm on Friday 24 June 2022.

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MFA gets you to verify yourself when you log in, e.g.: approving the log in request via your phone. This helps to keep your account safe by proving that it is really you trying to log in.

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TAFE NSW uses PingID software for MFA. It is easiest to set up for MFA using a computer and your phone. You can also choose instead to use an authenticator app like Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator, or you can buy a Yubikey USB device and use it. You can access the "How To" guides below for instructions covering both Apple and Android devices, Authenticator apps, and Yubikey devices.

When you log into your account for the first time after MFA has been turned on, you will see an "Activate MFA" screen after you type in your username and password. From there you can elect to click on "YES" to turn on MFA and set up your device. Please note that if you are going to use your phone with the PingID app, you will need to have a passcode, pattern lock, or biometric lock enabled on your phone to successfully set up MFA.

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Cyber criminals are getting more skilled with their attacks and scams. Adding this extra layer of security helps to make sure that even if your TAFE NSW password is hacked, having your device with you and denying the login can stop access to your data. TAFE NSW recommends that you use MFA to protect your account.

No. When you first see the "Activate MFA" screen, you can choose "NO" to MFA and continue to use your password as the only protection on your account. TAFE NSW recommends that you use MFA to add more protection to your account.

If you are experiencing difficulties with Student MFA, please:

Students who may be deaf or hard of hearing can also seek assistance through the National Relay Service. The TAFE NSW Student Technology Service Desk is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

If you still have your old device:

  1. On your new device, download and install the PingID App.
  2. On your old device, open the PingID App, click on Settings (wheel cog icon), click on Change Device. You will see a QR Code and Pairing Key.
  3. On your new device, open the PingID App and scan the QR Code or enter the Pairing Key showing on your old device. You should see a green tick for a successful pairing.
  4. When you next log in, you will be prompted to authenticate on your new device.

If you no longer have your old device:

  1. Contact the Student Technology Service Desk on 131 601 and request that they unpair your old device.
  2. Once this has been done, you can set up your new device with PingID.

If you use the same computer/laptop, then it is likely you will only need to use MFA once a day. You may be prompted to use MFA when using a private/incognito browser window or if you change computers during the day.

We suggest that you set up your MFA access when you have between 5 and 10 minutes free and during business hours in case you require any help from the Student Technology Service Desk.

Not if you have allowed PingID to push Notifications to your device. You can Approve or Deny the login from the Notification. You would only need to open the PingID App to use the 6-digit code instead of the Notification.

If you forget your MFA device, you can follow these instructions to generate a One Time Passcode to be sent to your personal email address.

How to log in with a One-Time Passcode

Yes, you can manage your MFA options via the Student Portal. These instructions will show you how.

How to Manage MFA Settings

Follow these instructions to add an extra device for MFA to your account. If you are currently using PingID on your Desktop, take action today because PingID Desktop will be removed soon.

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