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Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation

  • TAFE NSW code: HE20520V02-20DCE-001

Location – Design Centre Enmore

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Full Time

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17 Feb 2020

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3 Years

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  • Non Government Subsidised

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The Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation is a three year degree that will prepare you to be a highly creative, technically skilled 3D design professional. You will gain the creative, technical, communication and analytical skills you need for a successful career as a 3D and visual effects artist and animator.

Graduates of this course can establish themselves across a range of industries, including filmmaking, game design and development, television, online content development and advertising. By the end of the course, you will have gained a theoretical grounding in art and animation principles that will be supported by technical skills and the artistic sensibilities required to work in this creative industry. You will also have a thorough understanding of production in deadline-driven commercial environments.

Further information about this course is available on the TAFE NSW Degrees website
Applicants are required to hold, at minimum, one of the following to be considered eligible for admission:
- a NSW HSC (Higher School Certificate) or equivalent OR
- a recognised Tertiary Preparation Certificate OR
- a qualification from a Registered Training Organisation at Certificate IV level or above OR
- the completion of at least one year full-time or equivalent in a degree course at a higher education institution.

In addition to the minimum eligibility requirements, you will be required to:
- submit a 500 word essay
- submit a portfolio of design and art work
- attend an interview if you are successful with the essay and portfolio stages.

If you do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements for this course, you may be able to apply for entry into this course based on mature age or disadvantage. Contact the course coordinator for details of evidence that you should attach to your application.

International applicants must meet proof of eligibility and course entry requirements. In addition, international applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency at a minimum IELTS level of 6.5 with a minimum level of 6 in any one band. Further information please check the TAFE NSW International Australia website for details on fees and enrolment processes for international students.
Attend one of the following information sessions to meet with teaching staff, discuss the course, and get more information about enrolment and next steps. Info sessions are at TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore, 110 Edgeware Rd, Enmore, Building A, Cinema Room A1088, at the following times:
Wednesday 5 June 2019 at 6:30 PM
Wednesday 26 June 2019 at 6:30 PM
Wednesday 24 July 2019 at 6:30 PM

Come in and try a free session learning 3D Art & Animation from our brilliant teaching staff, get course advice and career guidance. Design Centre Enmore, 110 Edgeware Rd, Enmore, Building A, Cinema Room A1088, at:
Tuesday 25 June 2019 at 10:00am to 1:00pm
For help or to book a personal consultation, email or call
You may also email the Head Teacher Vincent Rossini at to organise a day and time that suits you to come in for more information, to take a look around the college, meet teachers and ask questions about the course and industry. And additional help, call 131 601.

For more detailed information about this course and to download the Course Information Brochure outlining the structure, objectives and assessment requirements for this course; visit

Entry requirements into this course include a portfolio review and a short written task; this helps us to ensure we have a group of students that have a good set of skills and a passion for working as a digital artist or animator in the entertainment industry.

For the written task, we ask applicants to choose a specific scene or shot from a film that you feel has a substantial visual impact and discuss the visual elements and techniques used and how their use relates to the story. This task helps us to see that applicants have a passion for the art of visual storytelling. We ask for no more than a page or two of writing if possible ? less than 500 words.

For the portfolio, we are looking to see some examples of artworks (around 10 or so if possible) that demonstrate your creative talent. For example, the portfolio could include works from disciplines such as drawings and sketches, painting or fine arts, graphic and web design, animation, film/video production and photography or sculptures.

The tasks can be emailed to along with the written task or sent as a URL if they are already online.

Stronger portfolios will usually incorporate a mix of traditional drawings, sketches or paintings and digitally created/edited examples and often include examples of observational art from real life as opposed to being all artworks from the imagination. We aren?t necessarily looking for the next Leonardo DaVinci, but some confidence in being able to pick up a pencil and sketch out ideas, characters and concepts is good to have, along with being comfortable using a variety of software and working as part of a team.
Full time attendance is approximately 16-20 hours a week. plus an additional 20 hours per week of independent study. Classes may be scheduled between 9.00am to 6.00pm, 2 to 3 days per week depending on the availablility.

Fees are calculated each semester on a per subject basis. See the TAFE NSW Higher Education Tuition Fees Schedule for details.

FEE-HELP is a student loan scheme funded by the Commonwealth Government to help students pay their tuition fees. Find out more Study Assist website

International student tuition fees are subject to the TAFE NSW Australia course fee structure. Further information please check the TAFE NSW International Australia website for details on fees and enrolment processes for international students.

Select Apply to complete the application form. The course coordinator will then contact you by email.
Core Units
Number Title
3DANI101A Animation 1
3DART102A 3D Artistry 1
3DART103A 3D Artistry 2
3DCAM101A Cameras and Lighting
3DDIG201A Digital Compositing 1
3DMAT201A Digital Matte Painting
3DMOD102A 3D Modelling 1
3DMOD201A 3D Modelling 2
3DPRG202A 3D Programming
3DPRT301A 3D Portfolio 1
3DPRT302A 3D Portfolio 2
3DRET201A 3D Texturing and Shading
3DRET202A 3D Rendering and Lighting
3DRIG202A 3D Rigging
3DSST101A Screen Studies
3DSTU201A 3D Production Studio 1
3DSTU302A 3D Production Studio 2
3DSTU303A 3D Production Studio 3
3DVAS101A Visual Arts 1
3DVAS102A Visual Arts 2
Elective Units
Number Title
3DANI201A Animation 2
3DANI301A 3D Animation 1
3DANI302A 3D Animation 2
3DAST301A 3D Asset Creation 1
3DAST302A 3D Asset Creation 2
3DDAT201A 3D Data Capture
3DDIG301A Digital Compositing 2
3DDIG302A Digital Compositing 3
3DLDV301A 3D Look Development 1
3DLDV302A 3D Look Development 2
3DTCH201A 3D Technical Art 1
3DTCH301A 3D Technical Art 2
3DTCH302A 3D Technical Art 3

Note: Not all elective units listed may be available to study, please enquire for more information.
This course will prepare you for roles as a 3D and visual effects artist and animator.

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Course Location

Design Centre Enmore
110 Edgeware Road, Enmore
Phone 131 601

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