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Get the best start to your dream career. TAFE NSW courses are created and delivered to give you the foundations you need for the career you want to explore. We’re all giving you the skills you need to get the best employment outcomes for tomorrow’s world. We’re all about you and your career.

TAFE NSW interior design studies gave Abbey the best shot at being competitive in the job market.

“I learnt so many amazing new skills, especially Photoshop and Sketchup,” says Abbey. “Also meeting many industry suppliers and people in the interior design world helps.

“Each teacher has their own brilliant skill set which they are more than willing to pass along to their students. They are very approachable.”

She urges others to getting moving towards their career goals: “This course has given me the opportunity of a new career and the excitement of a whole new world of interior design. It’s a great mix of everything: up-to-date technology, great teachers, big enough to feel important but small enough to feel relaxed and personal.”

Abbey's design project pictured


It’s a great environment to study in. Our small class of 11 is like a little family now

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The student becomes the teacher

Kaylene Milner

Kaylene Milner has enjoyed an exciting eight years since graduating from the Fashion Design Studio in 2011. She launched her namesake label and won the Fashion Future Scholarship to live and work in New York, where she gained experience at both Diane Von Furstenberg design studio and Fashion Snoops trend forecasting agency.

Upon returning to Australia in 2013, Kaylene joined the Fashion Design Studio as a design teacher, launched her cult knitwear brand, “WAH-WAH AUSTRALIA,” then won the 2017 Premier’s TAFE NSW scholarship. Quite the path for this entrepreneurial design teacher and mentor!

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Jorja added a TAFE NSW Certificate IV in Marketing to her communications degree so she could stand out from all the degree graduates. When her teacher was contacted by an employer looking for a top TAFE NSW student for a marketing and communications role, Jorja got her chance and aced the interview!

“Studying with TAFE NSW gave me not only the practical skills needed to be successful, but the networks which are so important to have ... I have a great job, I’m now also on the Hunter Young Professionals Board,” says Jorja.

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I have been able to get this far because of what I learned at TAFE NSW

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Event Management student learns the write stuff

Eleanor Blackstock

TAFE NSW Diploma of Event Management student Eleanor Blackstock recently secured an internship at the recent Byron Bay Writers Festival, where she was able to put theory into practice.

The Byron Bay Writers Festival is Austalia’s largest regional literary event, and had over 140 international, national and local writers, thinkers and commentators attend the event. Because Eleanor studied a Diploma of Event Management online with TAFE Digital, she was able to secure a position as a Festival co-ordinator, giving her invaluable exposure and experience.

Part of her duties included “helping with the planning of opening night, site management, organising production schedules and run sheets, sponsorship co-ordination and helping to organise the festival program,” she said.

“I really enjoyed the practical experience and applying what I have learnt in the Diploma of Event Management to a real-life working situtation.”

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Getting the inside knowledge you need

TAFE NSW Counsellors give you the inside word on getting on the inside.

Put your hand up
Many employers and organisations provide volunteer opportunities to build skills, confidence and contacts. You can get experience, make contacts and learn skills that you can’t get anywhere else.
BE connected
Many TAFE NSW courses have work experience as part of the course. This is a perfect way to focus your study options. TAFE NSW always provides great opportunities to network with industry professionals, enhancing your knowledge experience and opening doors.
Get going at school
If you are in Year 11 or 12, you can look at a TAFE Vocational Education and Training (TVET) course as part of your HSC. These give you a huge advantage in your career and many of these courses can also count towards your ATAR!
Take a short cut
TAFE NSW has hundreds of short course options, some fully subsidised, to help you get a head-start. Your short course may be able to get credit towards a full qualification later.

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Are there scholarships for TAFE NSW courses?

Every year we award hundreds of scholarships to our students, so make this year your year. Check out scholarships

How flexible are the hours and submission dates?

You will have a lot of choice and flexibility that may include full-time, part-time, online, evening and even weekend options. Most TAFE NSW students also work and have loads of other commitments so we’re all about you. Choose your style of course

What support is available?

Whatever your needs or circumstances, we have the people, the resources, the facilities and even the counselling to help you focus on your studies and training. Check out our support services

Which course level is right?

Your course should always be linked to what the industry and employers are looking for. It should teach you the skills you need to know in the career you are ready to start. Sometimes a TAFE NSW Degree is best, but other times another course like a Certificate III might be the best and most focused course for your career needs.

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