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Student responsibilities in work placement

In many TAFE NSW courses, some of the learning and assessment occurs in the workplace or a simulated workplace environment.

TAFE NSW has a responsibility to protect members of the public (and the students themselves) from being harmed by students taking part in workplace or simulated workplace learning. If there is evidence that your skills or behaviour could present a risk to yourself or other people in the workplace, you may not be allowed to participate in a work placement, at least for a period of time.

To help you understand your responsibilities in the workplace, you will be given a code of practice which indicates expected standards of behaviour.

Your teacher will explain to you and your workplace supervisor the range of duties for which you have the skills and knowledge. You must not carry out duties other than those indicated by your teacher.

Students who have committed a breach of discipline or who are assessed as presenting a significant risk to themselves or others during work placement may be prevented from undertaking or continuing further work placement. This may mean they will not complete the course where successful completion of work placement is required.

There are TAFE NSW courses which have a compulsory work placement component where you are required to comply with some (or all) of the following.


Before you undertake a clinical work placement:

  • If you are over 18 you will be required to undertake a National Criminal Record Check. Visit NSW Police Force's website.
  • You will be required to sign the NSW Health Student Undertaking where you agree to notify NSW Health if your status changes after the date of issue of your National Police Certificate or during the completion of your course.
  • You will be required to undertake Occupational Assessment, Screening and Vaccination against Infectious Diseases and provide your Health Care Worker/Student Vaccination Record Card.
  • You will be required to read and sign the NSW Health Code of Conduct form. Visit NSW Ministry of Health's website and type 'clinical placement' in search area.


As per NSW Health requirements for the National Criminal Record Check, visit NSW Police Force's website.


Anyone in child-related work (including student placements and volunteers) MUST have a current Working with Children Check (students/volunteers free) in line with the Office of Children's Guardian phase-in schedule and processes.


Generally work placements will only occur after there has been a reasonable amount of student/teacher contact and when the teacher is satisfied that you are ready to benefit from workplace learning and perform workplace duties. Your teacher can provide further information.

Work health and safety

TAFE NSW has a duty to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, students and visitors.

At enrolment you will be informed of any course requirement for you to provide and wear protective clothing and equipment. During an orientation session on your first attendance you will be given information on what to do in case of an emergency or if you are injured and require first aid. All our courses include instruction and training on work health and safety relevant to your training.

To help us provide a safe environment for all staff and students, work health and safety legislation also reinforces your duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of others. You must not interfere with or misuse anything provided for you in the interest of health and safety. You should report any safety issues or concerns to your teacher or campus staff as soon as possible.
For further information about work health and safety, visit a TAFE NSW library or ask your teacher, or visit the WorkCover NSW website.