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Western Sydney Creative Centres

"The last few decades belonged to the linear left-brainers, but the keys to the kingdom are changing hands. The future will belong to the creators and artists." Daniel Pink, 'A Whole New Mind'

TAFE NSW Western Sydney Creative Centres

The Western Sydney Creative Centres represent a network of exceptional learning centres aimed at allowing students to express and develop their creative skills. Western Sydney Creative Centres based in TAFE NSW Campbelltown, Kingswood, Lidcombe, Nirimba (Quakers Hill) and Blue Mountains campuses offer courses in the following areas:
  • design
  • fashion design and technology
  • fashion business
  • interior design
  • graphic design
  • photography
  • screen and media
  • games development
  • live production
  • music industry (business, composition, performance, sound production)
  • cultural arts
  • visual arts
  • creative practice

Our talented and dedicated teachers will support you in your student journey, ensuring all your needs are met. Our exceptional facilities and thorough hands-on training prepares you to be a professional entrepreneur, armed with impressive creative skills, an eye-catching portfolio, a curious mind, and the soft skills needed to succeed.

If you want a career in a creative profession, Western Sydney Creative Centres is the place to learn the real skills you need.

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Why TAFE NSW Western Sydney Creative Centres?


Creative practice

Our teachers are leaders in their creative industries, performing, exhibiting and lecturing both nationally and internationally.

Award Winning

Creative excellence

Both alumni and teachers have been recognised and awarded around the globe for their creativity.


Creative collaboration within community

Students can practise this key creative skill as they collaborate within their class, across sections and with other industries or regions.

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  • State-of-the-art studios for design, life drawing, film and photography
  • Fashion industry specific digital patternmaking, software programs and sewing workrooms
  • Performance and sound recording studios with performance venue
  • PC and MAC labs with creative editing and design software and technology


  • Workshop facilities for prototyping
  • Libraries with state-of-the-art digital displays and collaborative workspaces
  • WACOM authorised Training Centre and Certiport Authorised Training Centre
  • Student association services and facilities
  • ADOBE Creative Cloud to use at home

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If music is in your blood, whether as a performer, artist or producer, then Western Sydney Creative Centres is the place to refine your skills and talents while boosting your technical knowledge. Whether you want to learn live production and technical services or more about sound production or live performance in the music industry, we have a course that will hit all the right notes.

Courses available at TAFE NSW Nirimba (Quakers Hill).

Photo taken by Ian Gramly
Diploma of Photography

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If the world of fashion appeals to you, then a fashion course at Western Sydney Creative Centres might be your entrée to this exciting and glamourous industry. Our teachers are industry professionals who will teach you all the technical knowledge you need to know, as well as allow your fashion design talents to flourish. So don’t just follow fashion trends – set them by unlocking your creativity at Western Sydney Creative Centres.

Courses available at TAFE NSW Lidcombe.

Bandna Rani
Graduate of the MST50119 Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising – Design and Product Development

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Games Development

Games Development is one of the strongest, most lucrative sectors in computing – but also one of the hardest to break into. The industry expert teachers at Western Sydney Creative Centres will help develop your vision, ideas and expertise as you learn all you need to know to design digital and interactive games that will capture imaginations, educate and/or entertain end users. If you want to turn your passion into a lucrative career, then join the ranks of the next generation of game developers and designers at Western Sydney Creative Centres.

Courses available at TAFE NSW Nirimba (Quakers Hill).

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Graphic Design

Graphic design permeates all areas and every aspect of our lives: from packaging to TV show graphics to store windows to webpages. Whether you want to learn design fundamentals or expand on existing talents, the team at Western Sydney Creative Centres will help you polish your skills and build a great portfolio.

Courses available at TAFE NSW Campbelltown, TAFE NSW Lidcombe, TAFE NSW Kingswood and TAFE NSW Wentworth Falls.

Brock Cooper
Diploma Graphic Design

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Interior Design

Build the specialist skills and knowledge needed to create a successful interior design career with a TAFE NSW course. At the Western Sydney Creative Centres, our teachers are industry experts who can help you to enrich lives by actualising quality design throughout a range of residential and commercial interiors.

Courses available at TAFE NSW Lidcombe and TAFE NSW Kingswood.

Diana Al-Kalmashi
Diploma of Interior Design

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Photography and Photo Imaging

Discover the science behind the art of photography, and develop your ability to create stunning pieces of photographic work. Learn from industry expert teachers, who can help you to enhance your technique and build your photography knowledge, guiding you towards a long and rewarding career.

Courses available at TAFE NSW Campbelltown and TAFE NSW Kingswood.

Teeannah Camilleri
Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging

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Screen and Media

With hands-on skills and knowledge developed through a TAFE NSW screen and media course, you can start your career path toward the bright lights of showbiz. Utilising the latest, industry standard equipment and learning from experienced teachers able to help you throughout your studies, you will develop the tricks of the trade, and earn a great qualification.

Courses available at TAFE NSW Campbelltown and TAFE NSW Kingswood.

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Visual Arts

Embrace your creativity, develop and refine your knowledge and skills and express yourself through art with a TAFE NSW visual arts course. The industry experienced teachers at the Western Sydney Creative Centres will teach and inspire, sharing their wisdom to help you launch your career.

Courses available at TAFE NSW Campbelltown and TAFE NSW Kingswood.

Brooke Beaton

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Our graduates

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The Creative Centres in Western Sydney TAFE include:

  • Computer labs with industry specific software  
  • Green Screen film studio and equipment  
  • Creative Photographic studios in multiple Centres
  • Music performance and recording studio with rehearsal rooms and purpose-built performance venue
  • Extensive practical creative courses in art, drawing and painting, with workshops including  ceramic workshops with kilns
  • Exhibition spaces to display creative work  at western Sydney TAFE
  • Model-making workshops for prototyping concepts in practical arts education
  • Sewing and pattern-making studios with machines and digitiser for clothing design and production

A Fashion Creative Director makes the final decision on a seasonal collection of a Brand, including the design of the garments, social media campaigns and marketing, as well as online and bricks and mortar Visual Merchandising of the retail space.

A Fashion Creative Director blends the creative aspects of fashion with the business side, with technical and artistic skills in design and creativity, as well as communication, leadership, finance, marketing, and operational skills.

Imagination is all you need to build a career as a graphic designer. Our teachers will inspire  and develop your creativity through  practical art and design education. Our courses will teach you how to create and convey design ideas, generating solutions as you use the latest design software programs.

Creating an impressive portfolio is crucial to securing a career in Fashion, Screen and Media, Photography, Graphic Design, Interior Design or Entertainment. Our creative and highly skilled teachers will guide you, helping you build an extraordinary and exciting portfolio for your chosen career. The training you’ll receive will allow you to assemble visuals, sounds, and/or moving images that reinforces and demonstrates your own approach to creativity.

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