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Sustainable Procurement

TAFE NSW is committed to supporting and achieving sustainable and social objectives through various Procurement processes.

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Procurement Initiatives

Supporting Aboriginal Business

TAFE NSW is proud to have published the TAFE NSW Aboriginal Participation Strategy that sets out targets and describes initiatives to increase our engagement of Aboriginal Businesses. TAFE NSW’s spend with Aboriginal business has continued to increase steadily since the launch of the Aboriginal Participation Strategy which is a deliverable of the TAFE NSW Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.

Supporting Disability Enterprises

TAFE NSW has recently launched its TAFE NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan which seeks to:

  1. Ensure the rights of people with disability within the TAFE NSW environment are upheld throughout our business practices.
  2. Proactively remove barriers and promote and support equitable access to facilities, products, services, information and employment at TAFE NSW.
  3. Progressively and systemically, embed Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles into all areas of the business.

Procurement is currently working to contribute to the DIAP objectives by increasing awareness and engagement with ADEs.

Supporting Trainees & Apprentices

Supporting training and apprenticeships is a core function and strategic purpose of TAFE NSW.

To grow skills and foster employment opportunities particularly in trades where there are skills shortages, TAFE NSW has established targets for the engagement of apprentices and trainees when procuring construction services or projects over $10 million under the PBD 2020-03: Skills, training and diversity in construction. TAFE NSW aims to engage suppliers who share the same commitment towards the development of apprentices and trainees.

Supporting Small And Medium Enterprises And Regional Suppliers

TAFE NSW supports buying from local businesses, especially in regional and remote communities across NSW. For purchases less than $10,000 TAFE NSW encourages using a Pcard to pay suppliers. This reduces administration and enables a faster payment.

In accordance with the Faster Payment Terms Policy TAFE NSW maintains a 5-day payment term with registered small businesses.

The Small Business Commissioner website has more resources to assist small businesses in working with NSW Government.

Reducing Environmental Impacts

TAFE NSW seeks to follow the NSW Government Circular Economy Policy wherever possible. A circular economy is about valuing resources by getting as much use out of products and materials as possible and reducing the amount of waste.

Procurement is involved in preparing and implementing the TAFE NSW Net Zero Pathway Plan to achieve net zero targets by 2030.

Reducing Environmental Impacts

Eradicating Modern Slavery

TAFE NSW Procurement will continue to provide guidance and work with NSW Procurement and industry bodies to develop our due diligence efforts within the area of modern slavery.