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Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics

National Course Code: HLT65015


The nationally accredited Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics is your pathway to a career as an independent dental prosthetist registered as a primary health care professional with AHPRA. Establish your own business or collaborate with other professionals to provide a comprehensive range of dental services.


Through a mix of theory and practical coursework, learn to:

  • Examine patients and develop a prosthetic treatment plan
  • Take impressions and establish jaw relationships
  • Select artificial teeth, evaluate removable dental prosthesis
  • Fit and issue dental prosthesis
  • Provide individualised oral hygiene programs
  • Perform maintenance treatments
  • Safely use medical equipment


Develop the attributes to help you get ahead:

  • Great communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and sensitive to the needs of patients
  • High levels of attention to detail and precision
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity


Completing this course provides you with:

  • The eligibility to register as a primary healthcare worker with AHPRA

Career opportunities:

  • Dental prosthetist


Take your career further with the:

  • Diploma of Business


Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments.

Course details

People who are successful in the industry:

  • Enjoy working with tools and equipment
  • Can apply a high level of attention to detail and precision
  • Have excellent time management skills
  • Possess good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity
  • Are good listeners and are sensitive to the needs of patients
  • Have some artistic ability to construct form and design

Assessments give you the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned so far and identify what knowledge or skills need further development. In this course you will undertake such as:

  • Knowledge assessments
  • Skills assessments
  • Workplace portfolio
  • Project
  • Case study

The Diploma of Dental Technology is the entry level qualification to the industry. This course provides you with all the underpinning practical skills and knowledge that qualifies you to work as a dental technician. You must complete this course before applying to the Advanced Diploma.

This course, the Advanced Diploma enables you to work independently, take on a supervisory role overseeing a team of dental technicians and even start your own business. You will be eligible for registration as a primary health care professional through AHPRA once youve completed this course.

This course delivers training in real workplaces including regular placements in the Sydney Dental Hospital where you will practice your skills in crafting dental prosthetics.

You will gain hands-on experience in working as an independent dental prosthetist professional, including:

  • Assessing, treating and managing removable dentures
  • Skills to create unique flexible and removable mouth guards for sport

TAFE NSW is known for delivering theory alongside practical, hands-on learning. You will spend time in a dental laboratory at the Sydney Dental Hospital where you will apply your skills for real clients, under supervision and with support from industry professionals.

On campus, you will have access to industry specific computer rooms, studios, study areas, presentation areas and general student facilities available. You will also have access to a simulated environment that reflects an industry standard laboratory.

During your course, you will participate in classroom-based theory lessons, as well as practical lessons to observe and practice your skills. Equipment to student ratios are 1:1 or 1:2 and the small class sizes support a highly individualised and supported student experience.

You will have access to a computer on campus however having access to your own computer outside hours is an advantage to complete the required online readings which support the knowledge gained in the classroom.

Dental prosthetists work as independent practitioners in the assessment, treatment, management and provision of removable dentures; and flexible, removable mouthguards used for sporting activities.

Dental prosthetists work in commercial dental laboratories many as owners of their own business or are employed in public and private hospitals, and public health services.

Dental Prosthetics is a highly specialised and niche occupation in an industry primed for innovation. Digital advancements in computer aided design, using high-resolution imagery to facilitate prosthetic production and 3D printers are set to change the industry. This course prepares you for future changes with experience in a major teaching hospital that provides exposure to cutting edge technologies and equipment as it becomes available.

  • Nationally Recognised Training

Sorry, this course is not currently open for enrolments

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