I never regretted studying a Diploma of Community Services Work at TAFE Digital

The outcome of my study has been a tremendous eye opening , knowledge expansion and multi skills development which have enabled me to uphold a high professional attribute to effectively and efficiently work in the disability, community and office environment.

Currently, I am proud to be one of the case managers working with refugee and asylum seekers for Settlement Services International and a community support worker for the Catholic care. This study has also enabled me to communicate, build effective rapport, identifying client’s need and linked to necessary and available services and assist client to become competent and independent. It gives me the passion to explore and assist the never-ending needs of people. With my knowledge and skill acquired throughout this study and the practical implementation of those skills and knowledge have been a motivating factor to further pursue a career in the community services.

My decision to study with TAFE Digital changed my life in many ways

I'm now more confident in my approach to work and after implementing many successful changes at work I also feel well respected by my peers.

To understand my journey you first have to picture a mature aged women working in a busy medical practice that had no policies and procedures in place for administration. Documents were unorganised and unprofessionally presented and stored haphazardly. As the receptionist with the most experience in Microsoft Word, I was given the mammoth task of organising our documents into professional order.

I began typing immediately, but Microsoft Word had a mind of its own and one I needed to master. As my daughter was also studying with TAFE Digital, she recommended I do the same. It was to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did I master Microsoft Word and Excel, the course taught me how to implement those successful changes to improve my work environment for the good of the entire company.

I would recommend studying with TAFE Digital to anyone.

I completed a Diploma of Management via TAFE Digital with the support of my employer

In 2013, I completed a Diploma of Management via OTEN with the support of my employer.

This was a fantastic course which enabled me to examine a number of work practices, explore other workplace options and develop a greater understanding of the scope and roll of my position at a management level.

Via my Diploma of Management I have been able to develop my skills in library management, whilst extending my work area to now include the supervision of IT Support services in my division.

My Diploma of Management has also given me the platform to now explore further education options through both the TAFE NSW network and University level qualifications.

To cap off a fantastic result for 2013 I was awarded the 2013 Kath Knowles Young Leaders Award which recognised my achievements. The Award is to be presented to a staff member within the NSW public library network, aged under 40 years who is recongised as an aspiring young leaders. My Diploma of Management was used as part of my application for the award.

TAFE Digital was a fantastic option for me to complete this qualification and I can't wait to complete another one.