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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re running or managing a business, the TAFE Enterprise management and leadership courses are a great starting point. We offer a variety of modules and programs, ranging from senior leadership skills, people management, and presentation, to change management, and performance management.

The best course or courses for your people, will depend greatly on the specifics of your business, and where the skills gaps exist. This reason is why TAFE Enterprise offers a wide range of short courses that span many different industries. As a general rule, clients come to TAFE Enterprise for industry training in areas like leadership and management, business and administration, marketing and communications, customer service, workplace health and safety, human resources, information and communications technology (ICT), emergency management, and more.

TAFE Enterprise has hundreds of customisable employee training solutions, which means that course composition can differ widely. Your tailored solution may include foundational and/or advanced specialised skills, it may be a single subject covered via an online module for just-in-time learning, or even a full qualification completed over the course of a year or more.

Corporate training programs are aligned to an organisation’s specific corporate goals and priorities, helping to fill skills gaps within their business. At TAFE Enterprise, workplace training options have been developed to be customisable, flexible, modern, and delivered by industry experts. In our experience, these options are the ideal combination for an effective corporate training program.

With increased learning in the digital sphere, more and more corporate training options are available online. TAFE Enterprise recognises the kind of flexibility that web modules can offer, by combining training with the need for learning to fit in and around people’s work-life schedules. Our online corporate training provides ideal opportunities for businesses who don’t always operate 9 to 5, and who can’t necessarily afford to have people away at courses for extended periods.

For a full range of employee courses and professional training available for corporates, please visit the TAFE Enterprise training page. Our training programs can be tailored to the needs of your organisation, allowing learning to be delivered where and when you need it.

You can learn technical, or ‘hard’ skills, that are required in industries, such as introduction to Cisco and SAP as part of ICT training, or Workplace Health and Safety Essentials. TAFE Enterprise also offers training in ‘soft’ skills, which are equally important for a well-rounded workforce, like leadership, change management, and customer service.

In this digitalised and globalised era, workforces continue to transform at a rapid pace. This means that employees, at every level of a business, need to adopt a lifelong learning approach. Specifically, a learning approach that tackles a mix of both soft and hard skills that can future proof their careers, and their businesses.

Companies that invest in corporate training help their people to be more efficient, more knowledgeable, and more productive. This in turn increases their employee engagement and retention. Forward thinking companies can also future proof their workforce, by adding skills that will cover inevitable future skills shortages and help them to remain globally competitive.