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TAFE Enterprise offers customised and flexible training courses, across all industries, to help customers respond to market changes and grow their business through their people. As Australia’s largest training provider, TAFE Enterprise ensures your employees will be trained by expert industry trainers, utilising the latest industry practices and technology to deliver training wherever, whenever and however.

To be enterprising, you need your people trained the right way. We train over 50,000 employees from all industries each year, offering customisable, flexible, expert and modern training solutions that are aligned to your specific business goals and priorities.

So whatever your business needs for your people to be more efficient, more knowledgeable or more productive, you will find it with TAFE Enterprise.

At TAFE Enterprise, we conduct a Training Needs Analysis of your business by talking with you, understanding your needs and matching the training to your business priorities. In short, we do this by building a relationship with you. Then, we develop a customised training solution that doesn’t just tick the boxes, but enhances your company’s competitiveness, productivity and success. Only by working in tandem with you, can our tailored training solutions ensure we find the perfect fit for your business needs.

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is an analysis of the training required to improve your business. We do this by talking with you, understanding your needs, and matching the training to your business; building a relationship with you. Taking the time to do this ensures the training provided adds to employee skills already attained, and equips employees with qualifications your business may not currently have. Contact us today on 1300 045 737 to organise a TNA with one of our experienced consultants.

We understand that your business is not always 9 to 5. We also know that you need to keep your business running. The training we offer at TAFE Enterprise will fill skills gaps in your business quickly and easily, is flexible, and can be delivered where and when you need it. This means our training can be offered part-time, full-time, on campus, online, at your workplace, or via a blend of the aforementioned. We work with you to plan timing, location, and training delivery, as well as off-the-job training components to meet your business needs.

TAFE Enterprise gives your business a competitive advantage by offering training courses that are:


We offer:

  • hundreds of customisable training solutions;
  • dedicated business managers to work with you to determine your business needs and priorities; and
  • upskilling opportunities, delivered to your employees, your way.

We can train your team:

  • at 140 NSW campus locations;
  • via TAFE Digital, allowing you to access training anywhere, anytime;
  • onsite at your premises; or
  • at four new regional Connected Learning Centres (CLCs).

As Australia’s largest training provider, our top-class industry professionals have an unmatched expertise in delivering training solutions. TAFE Enterprise:

  • has a 98% satisfaction rating with past clients;
  • has more than 25,000 industry connections;
  • trains over 50,000 people each year; and
  • offers training across all industries, including skills training in areas such as: leadership and management; business and administration; marketing and communications and more.

TAFE Enterprise offers training that incorporates the latest industry practices and technology to offer industry-best training solutions.

  • TAFE Enterprise has access to augmented and virtual reality, highly engaging and interactive training modules and a purpose-built, next-generation digital platform to help deliver the training solutions of the future.
  • our SkillsPoints program offers specialist teams who work with industry to constantly develop new training solutions.
  • we have developed five skills exchanges with industry partners.

TAFE Enterprise has worked with some of Australia’s (and the world’s) leading and most iconic companies, to deliver successful training solutions. Some of those companies include:

  • Woolworths
  • Cisco
  • Harley-Davidson®
  • PwC
  • Telstra
  • Lend Lease
  • Boral
  • CreditCorp
  • Hutcheon & Pearce
  • NSW Police
  • Sydney International Convention Centre

We have over 130 locations across the state. However, we also offer training online, in your workplace and we can customise training to ensure delivery where and when you need it.

Simply fill out the form on our website or give us a call on 1300 045 737, and our specialised consultants will be able to assist you with your training requirements. We will provide expert advice and discuss your training options including course availability, delivery methods, customised packages, and enrolment and fee options.

Situations differ, but we might be able to help you access government funding. There are multiple options for financial assistance available for employers, and we can help you discover the best option for your business. Read more about government funding for training

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