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TAFE NSW Industry Engagement

The Industry Engagement Team provide a dedicated engagement point for industry skills and training, innovation, and collaboration.

TAFE NSW Industry Relationship Leads are responsible for engaging and working in close partnership with industry and businesses to ensure TAFE NSW training remains agile, accommodating, and supports skills development to meet current and future industry demand.

Industry Relationship Leads provide a dedicated industry-specific key point of contact for both Commonwealth and State industry advisory bodies, associations, government agencies, industry partners, and peak bodies to engage with TAFE NSW.

TAFE NSW Industry Relationship Leads:

  • Act as the first point of contact for significant industry partners
  • Influence product pipeline and development using emerging trends and skills demand
  • Provide up-to-date advice on state and federal changes to training initiatives and funding opportunities
  • Drive continuous improvement through regular reviews of processes; and
  • Channel business development training opportunities through the organisation.

Statewide educational expertise

The Industry Relationship Leads are aligned to the following key skills areas:

Food, fibre production and processing and associated industries.

The planning, design and production of goods including machinery and equipment, vehicles, textiles, fashion and clothing.

Construction, building, energy and utilities, property and public safety.

Retail, vehicle service and repair, transport, distribution and logistics. Digital and online business and electronic transactions.

Cultural, creative, digital media, design, fashion and artistic pursuits and processes.

Provision of services to customers including: food preparation and food service, hospitality, personal services, tourism, funeral services, visitor economy and travel.

Business, financial, commercial and professional services including banking, administration, real estate, leadership, education, local government and public sectors. Technology including: cloud, digital data, communication, digitisation, cyber security and networks.

Medical and allied health care and the associated support services; children’s services; well-being and fitness.

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If you are an industry association, peak body, government agency, or organisation looking to partner contact the Industry Engagement Team to engage TAFE NSW.

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