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Cisco Networking Academy

For a company that runs 85% of the global internet networks, Cisco needs to train a constant stream of engineers. For more than 18 years, TAFE Enterprise has delivered - and continues to do so

Enterprise - Case Study - Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy and TAFE Enterprise - Networking the future

Cisco remains at the forefront of the ICT industry: a sector experiencing a boom that shows no sign of slowing. TAFE Enterprise continues to assist Cisco by offering training through its Cisco Networking Academies to provide the industry with highly skilled workers.

The challenge

Cisco needed TAFE Enterprise to provide:

  • a high-quality curriculum that combined in-depth technical training and professional skills development;
  • courses that complimented vocational programs and prepared students for certification;
  • hands-on experience through labs and an online network simulation tool that helps students develop problem-solving skills and;
  • a learning platform that tracks student success and connects with educators and IT experts.

TAFE Enterprise delivered

By working closely with Cisco Networking Academy, TAFE Enterprise has been able to:

  • design Cisco specialised training, from certificate to advanced diploma courses, including the Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security) degree;
  • build an award-winning metropolitan Cisco Networking Academy training centre, and a regional centre that hosts smaller academies around NSW that build regional capability;
  • become a leader in Cisco Networking Academy training, providing an end-to-end networking experience, and train-the-trainer courses;
  • provide practical, hands-on training;
  • teach the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum to students across 26 campuses located throughout NSW and;
  • provide training and further education for businesses to upskill their employees.

The result

An outstanding 18-year long partnership, with 26 locations around NSW that are host to innovative training centres offering customised Cisco Networking Academy training to businesses large and small.



Emma Broadbent, Regional Manager, Cisco Networking Academy, ANZ & Pacific Islands

Cisco Networking Academy partners with select international organisations and governments that share our values and can multiply our impact by helping to build the workforce of tomorrow. TAFE Enterprise has shared our vision and has been a valued partner for the past eighteen years.

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