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Family and Community Services

Client peace of mind is at the heart of everything the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) does. So when they saw an opportunity to improve service delivery and client engagement, they found peace of mind by turning to TAFE Enterprise

Enterprise - Case Study - FACS

Family and Community Services and TAFE Enterprise – a team that delivers

FACS Housing is one of the largest providers of social housing in the world. As such, their training needs had to rise beyond the usual, commonplace standards. They needed training that was both customised and flexible, so – as part of the tendering process, the TAFE Enterprise business capability specialist team met with FACS Housing, allowing them to brief us on their specific needs.

The challenges

FACS Housing needed customised training that:

  • Allowed for recognition of the existing skills and knowledge of experienced staff;
  • Provided face-to-face training for newer staff that incorporated flexible technology delivery options, such as online learning and video conferencing, to better engage Client Service Officers wherever they were located;
  • Further developed the professionalism and customer service skills of its frontline staff;
  • Delivered the Certificate IV in Social Housing, an industry endorsed and nationally accredited qualification, while incorporating FACS Housing internal policies, procedures and processes to promote a best practice approach;
  • Could become the benchmark qualification requirement for all FACS Housing Client Service Officers.

TAFE Enterprise delivered

Because we listened to the specific training needs of FACS Housing, we were not only able to match their needs but also offer innovative, forward-thinking ideas that will grow their team now, and in the future.

From initial deliverables:

  • A monthly induction course is run for new Client Service Officers at TAFE NSW Ultimo;
  • An estimated 500 Client Service Officers across NSW will undertake the Certificate IV in Social Housing;
  • Workshop-based training will be delivered over a 12-month period, either face-to-face or via videoconferencing, with enrolments occurring on a rolling monthly basis over 13 months;
  • All resources will be customised to FACS Housing and specific to the Client Service Officer role, utilising Subject Matter Experts from FACS Housing to provide the specific information required.

The Result

By customising their training, NSW Department of Family and Community Services Housing have put 200+ staff through the 3-day induction course, giving them an excellent base for their career with FACS Housing.

  • In 2018 over 200 new staff completed the expanded, week-long Induction course, now including 2-days of hands-on computer training in FACS Housing’s client management systems – HOMES and One TRIM;
  • The Certificate IV in Social Housing program has been expanded to be offered to 700 Client Service Officers across NSW; an additional 200 places;
  • Certificate IV training will be delivered over a 12-month period, either face-to-face or via videoconferencing, with enrolments occurring on a rolling monthly basis over 13 months. The final participants are due to complete in November 2019;
  • All training resources are customised to FACS Housing and specific to the Client Service Officer role. This includes Recognition tools, Learner Guides and Assessments for each unit of competency;
  • All training resources use the policies, procedures, processes and the corporate systems used by FACS Housing, offering a practical, work-task focused learning experience.

This program is proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with FACS.


Michael Coutts-Trotter (Secretary, Family and Community Services)

"We're delighted to partner with TAFE Enterprise. We want our frontline staff to deliver the best service possible, and that means they must have a solid understanding of complex legislation, policy and procedure, as well as skills in decision-making for some of our most vulnerable clients."

Sheree Richards (TAFE Project Manager, FACS Housing Career Development Pathway)

"This is a great example of TAFE NSW working with a state-wide employer to deliver relevant skills and knowledge. FACS Client Service Officers will be equipped with the capability to provide a high level of service to FACS customers."

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