Harley-Davidson and TAFE Enterprise - A powerful duo

As one of the world's most iconic motorcycle brands, Harley-Davidson Australia knows the value of fine tuning. So when they identified an opportunity to give young technicians a head start, by integrating apprenticeship and ‘on-the-job’ training at Harley-Davidson dealerships, they turned to TAFE Enterprise to drive the change.

The challenge

Harley-Davidson wanted customised training that integrated apprenticeship programs with specialised 'on-the-job' training at the Harley-Davidson dealerships.

TAFE Enterprise delivered

Understanding the wants and needs of Harley-Davidson, TAFE Enterprise set about designing the Harley-Davidson Custom Apprenticeship Program. This program offered Harley-Davidson:

  • a flexible and responsive training program with a carefully mapped curriculum that answered the distinct training requirements of Harley-Davidson;
  • a program that offered recognition for prior learning, as well as an option for accelerated learning; and
  • a program that delivered a fully customised, widely-recognised credential.

The result

Burnouts? Not at Harley-Davidson! The custom apprenticeship program has a 90% retention rate among staff who completed the course. This has helped ensure that dealerships gain loyal, exceptionally skilled staff who are trained as experts in their field, and the Harley-Davidson brand.

Other tangible outcomes include:

  • a nationally accredited training program delivered by experienced, expert trainers;
  • a program seamlessly delivered to students combining a traditional apprenticeship with Harley-Davidson specific certification; and
  • end-to-end training provision - consultancy, course content creation and delivery, assessment and customer service.
98% satisfaction rating amongst NSW businesses

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