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When Lendlease wanted to build a green-skilled workforce with accredited training, TAFE Enterprise helped them cultivate the necessary training

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Lendlease and TAFE Enterprise – building a unique, lasting relationship

As part of their commitment to leaving a positive legacy, Lendlease saw an opportunity to offer onsite skilling and training to construction workers ranging from apprentices through to mature-aged workers.


Lendlease wanted their workforce at Barangaroo to be green-skilled in renewable energy, sustainable materials, energy efficiency, green buildings, sustainable water systems and waste recycling, as well as offering fit-for-purpose training that addressed skills gaps.

TAFE Enterprise delivered

Because we understood Lendlease's desire to leave a lasting legacy, and because we listened to their needs, we:

  • Worked with Lendlease to develop a world class social sustainability value proposition;
  • Developed the Barangaroo Skills Exchange (BSX) project for the Barangaroo South urban regeneration project;
  • Built an onsite training facility, including a ‘drop in’ Foundation Skills environment;
  • Helped map genuine career paths in the construction industry that will lead to life-long learning, education and economic engagement to benefit the sector more broadly.


  • Almost 11,000 workers gained over 20,000 accredited training outcomes ranging from skill sets to advanced diplomas;
  • Over 824 apprentices, including 64 Indigenous apprentices, have been supported and mentored through the BSX Apprentice Mentoring program;
  • Apprentice completion rates at Barangaroo are at 84%, compared to a NSW average of 47%;
  • 85 mature aged workers have received re-training at the BSX to transition to new work roles;
  • 145 unemployed young people have enrolled in pre-vocational construction programs learning basic skills to work in the construction and building industries;
  • More than 3,000 workers have studied and gained licences from external accrediting authorities such as SafeWork NSW to operate plant and equipment, or work in high risk situations such as confined spaces, working at heights, or working in contaminated areas;
  • In addition, over 20,000 social and awareness outcomes delivered to support the wellbeing of individuals. These include Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Mental Health and Suicide Awareness, Quit Smoking, Healthy Eating, Incident and Injury Free, and Asbestos / Hazardous Materials Awareness sessions;
  • The industry partnership has won a number of awards, including the Innovation Award from the 2016 Property Council of Australia, Innovation and Excellence Awards.

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