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Government Funded Training

Access high quality training and education programs

Enterprise - Pricing - Government Funded Training

Government funding to improve the skills of your workforce

Significant funding programs are provided by the Australian and NSW Governments to assist with increasing the skill level of the Australian workforce. TAFE Enterprise can help you understand the range of government funded programs available to train and grow your team.

Contact TAFE Enterprise to learn how your business and employees can access high quality training and education programs at a significantly reduced cost.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

There are a range of both Australian and State government subsidies and payments available to employers. These include a reduced fees set for training solutions under the high skills needs in the Skills List as part of Smart and Skilled funding, as well as some additional incentives for pre-apprenticeship training and traineeship funding initiatives.

Youth Jobs PaTH

Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare, Trial, Hire) is an Australian Government initiative designed to help eligible young people find jobs by providing them with Employability Skills Training (EST). The program encourages employers to trial a young person for a job, by offering internships and financial incentives to reduce the cost of recruitment.

Employers who host an internship receive an upfront payment of $1,000. Interns receive a $200 fortnightly incentive payment on top of their income support and are covered by insurance, both paid by the Australian Government. Employers who hire an eligible young person can also receive up to $10,000 to help with the costs of hiring and training.

Diversifying your workforce

By considering a wider range of job seekers and traditional sources of recruitment, TAFE Enterprise can help you take advantage of different incentives. If you employ Indigenous Australians your business may be eligible for wage assistance via the Community Development Program (CDP)

Additionally, your business may benefit from a flexible funding package, that utilises elements of the Australian Government's Indigenous Employment Program.

Employing people with a disability

Your business could be eligible to receive funding and subsidies under the Australian Government's Supported Wage System (SWS). This would allow you to pay a wage that corresponds to the employee's rate of productivity, with the Government making further contributions to their income.

Other state funding

TAFE Enterprise also has access to other state funding, and even if you reside outside of NSW, you may still be eligible for subsidised TAFE Enterprise training.

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