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TAFE NSW Digital Learning Lab

TAFE NSW Digital Learning Lab

Exploring Applications of Emerging Digital Technologies to Enhance Learning Outcomes

The TAFE NSW Digital Learning Lab is at the centre of emerging technologies used in training, education and industry. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment and an expert team of technology, education and data specialists, the Digital Learning Lab helps shape the future of TAFE NSW’s delivery of world-class learning experiences.

The Digital Learning Lab, collaborating with TAFE Enterprise, help define a client's existing business problems, explore innovative solutions and then apply new applications of emerging technologies to optimise and improve business performance.

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The Digital Learning Lab is comprised of three teams:

Innovation Team:

The Innovation team's primary focus is on emerging applications of Immersive technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Working closely with the TAFE Digital Immersive Multimedia development team, the Innovation Team develop prototype VR / AR applications across a range of disciplines, to test and understand the potential learning improvement immersive technology can deliver when combined with traditional training methods.

With the Innovation Team's focus on developing with scalability in mind, and careful consideration of approaches to design and UX, the TAFE Digital Learning Lab is acknowledged as a global leader in the development of next-generation Immersive learning content and strategy.

You can see some of the latest Innovation work from the team here.

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation that immerses the user through vision and auditory stimulation to make them feel like they are actually experiencing the fabricated reality.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) blends digital components with the real world by layering computer-generated enhancements over real-world footage in a way that seamlessly enhances both components.

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Immersive Technology – A Tool to Scale and Enhance Learning-by-Doing

Learning-by-doing is widely regarded to be one of the most effective ways people learn. Research suggests that learning-by-doing can enable students to retain 75% of what they learn.

As a teaching method, this can be 15 times more effective that traditional teaching, such as a lecture (5% retention rate). By including virtual, augmented and mixed reality into the learning process, TAFE Digital can give your staff the opportunity to be more engaged in their learning, learn more effectively and provide a much stronger ROI for your organisation.

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Learning Technologies Team

Focusing on enhancing education through the use of technology, new online learning methodologies and learning design approaches, the Learning Technologies team concentrate on ‘education first, technology second’.

The goal of this team is to make teaching and learning more focussed, personal and ‘human’, with technology as an enabler of learning success. This involves continuous exploration and research into best-practice online learning development, extensive networking and collaboration with leading innovators (individuals, start‑ups, SMEs and global organisations), development of granular data-driven learning experiences and innovative software and hardware solutions to transform the learning experience.

Key focus areas include:

  • personalised and adaptive learning
  • granular, individual course data flows using xAPI and Learning Record Stores
  • research, including biometric indicators, to improve course design
  • working with cutting edge companies to optimise the entire learning design process, resulting in improved efficiency and organisation-wide adherence to best practice
  • virtual classrooms and the evolved teaching paradigms to personalise and ‘humanise’ teaching in an online environment

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Learning Analytics Team

The Learning Analytics Team is creating a learning analytics framework to ensure all learning analytics initiatives have the greatest chance to positively impact learning, training and teaching experiences. Learning analytics is the collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of data pertaining to learning, and helps to provide insights into:

  • individual learner achievements and patterns of behaviour in relation to others
  • predictions of course participants requiring extra support and attention
  • the creation of plans for teachers, trainers and support staff that support interactions with individuals and groups
  • improvements to current courses or the development of new curriculum and training

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