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SkillsPoints are dedicated industry hubs for skills and training innovation and collaboration.

SkillsPoints work in close partnership with industry, and business to design training that looks to the future and responds to emerging trends. Whether it’s at TAFE Enterprise’s training facilities, at the workplace, online or any combination, SkillsPoints design training tailored to your needs, reflecting the quality, rigour and expertise that has secured TAFE Enterprise’s reputation as Australia's largest training provider.

As an Australian first initiative, SkillsPoints:

  • provide a dedicated industry-specific focus and point of contact for employers;
  • design responsive and consistent training across the state;
  • prepare employees for jobs for the future, using advanced digital courseware such as virtual reality, animation, simulations and/or augmented reality;
  • provide skills pathways to rewarding jobs;
  • design bespoke commercial courses that can be delivered where, when and how required; and
  • are the key point of liaison with both Commonwealth and State industry advisory bodies.

Statewide educational expertise

There are nine SkillsPoints headquarters planned throughout NSW. The Innovative Manufacturing, Robotics and Science SkillsPoint in Newcastle was the first to launch in 2017, with the remaining eight headquarters to roll out by the end of 2018.

Download the SkillsPoint brochure

SkillsPoint Brochure (PDF)

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